Sunday, June 29, 2014

Breakdown printing

Some silk on my print table which has been breakdown printed using the screen in a previous post. It looks a lot more yellow now it has been washed out so I'll over dye some of it but I'm reasonably happy with it. I'm doing various silks printed with gum leaves for an exhibition piece for the Designing Women exhibition Seams and Layers. We have to do a piece 40cm x 2 metres in eucalyptus colours. My plan is to seam together lots of small pieces of my printed fabrics. I want it to be double sided and translucent so I'm doing some silk organza too.


The fabrics on the studio line have been over dyed and are waiting for the next step.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Getting ready

I've been making some tools - varnished some wood printing blocks, squeegees and silkscreen frames.
The one above has also been re-taped as well. I also mixed up some manutex and cleared off my print table and bench top. I hope tomorrow I'll get to do some breakdown printing. It's 1 of my favourite techniques but I haven't done it for over a year. 
Below is a screen I prepared with thickened Procions dye paste screened over gum leaves. The black dye is old but will still provide a resist ands little colour. I'm after an olive green print so will print with yellow and hope it mixes with some of the black to make an olive.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Something new

I bought a few of these coloured glass vases - this is the first cover I made - thought they might be nice for the cafe shop. What do you think?

Another opened out book cover made with lots of left over pieces. 

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Some studio time

I haven't had much time in the studio lately but today I did some thermofax printing. The design was done from a photocopy of a grevillea leaf from our garden. Note the thermofax screen is taped instead of having a white plastic frame. I didn't like using these at first - it is easier to make a mess but now I like them. They are not listed in my Etsy shop yet but are available as well as this grevillea leaf design.

Below: my newest design from a photo I took of a stone wall in Tasmania.

The rest of the pics are more of my covered sketchbooks and note books.