Saturday, March 08, 2014

New Toy

This is my new Brother Scan n Cut machine. I bought it a couple of weeks ago - had been thinking about it for a while, then received a 40% off voucher from spotlight so that made my mind up! I've played with it a little, cutting paper, card stock and drafting film - so far, I really like it. I bought a fabric cutting mat so that is the next thing I'll try.

There is a new post on the Designing Women Blog today - some great work to see HERE.

Friday, we had a lovely lunch with family at Genesis in the Hills vegetarian cafĂ© to celebrate DH's birthday. Our daughter Kathleen is now running this business and is doing a great job. There are still the delicious cakes, breakfasts, lunches, coffee & fresh juices, art exhibitions and monthly live jazz.


Françoise said...

Nice toy! They're pretty expensive around here too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll do with it.

Hilary Florence said...

I am intrigued! I have never heard of this before. Can you scan in your own design and have it cut fabric to your own design? How do you plan to use it?

Sandy said...

Fun to have a new toy!

Emma said...

I'm with the others, sounds great!