Tuesday, January 28, 2014

new journal pages

A couple of new pages - above is done with water soluble crayons - below left: print, stencil, paint etc. Right: tissue and other papers collaged in, painted and drawn over, metallic wax added.

I finished and entered my quilt for 'Living Colour' - whether it will be chosen is another thing all together! At least we don't have to wait very long to find out.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dyeing day

Yesterday I dyed the fabric for the back of my quilt - while I had the colours mixed, I dyed a lot of smaller pieces too cottons, linen, velvet as well as some pieces of lace and ribbon. (above) Close up pics below. I used Azoic dyes which are very quick - only a couple of minutes in each dye bath and you can get lovely markings with them.

I've done 2 new pages (see tabs at the top of this blog), The first is a page showing most of my designs for thermofax screens, the other is a tutorial on the care and use of thermofax screens. I would like to know if you think my instructions are clear enough to follow or if you have any questions I didn't cover. Would appreciate any feedback.
Welcome to any new followers - I like to receive comments!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hot Hot Hot!

Much cooler today - to everyone's relief, but we've had a couple of days 44 and 41C with our hottest night on record at over 29 minimum. A horrible bushfire in the Mundaring/ Parkerville area yesterday caused around 50 homes to be destroyed. We live in the hills too, so I really feel for the people affected. It must be devastating to lose everything and most people had to leave so quickly there was no chance of saving anything much. The flames were up to 50 metres high and some people still don't know if their homes are gone.

I did some test prints of my rose leaf thermofax screens today and was happy with them - some shown on my print table above. Below: this was meant to be a book cover but didn't fit the book. It's been in my box of bits for ages until I had the idea of making it into a purse. I cut a slot into the spine area, finished the edges with satin stitch and inserted a zip, then sewed up the other edges. The sleeves to hold the book cover form compartments inside the purse.

Another bookcover.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Sun prints

I had some pressed rose leaves which I used to make 2 thermofax screens so I thought I would also do a sunprint with the idea of possibly using it in my 'Living Colour' quilt. I may over print it with the thermofax screen too. The circular print above is a different kind of sunprint - I painted the fabric then layed it over a silicon mat and left it in the sun to dry. Below: a notebook cover made from free form pieced small scraps with a machine embroidered applique. Stella gave me a whole heap of small quilting scraps which I sew together when I'm uninspired to do anything else.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Gelli Printing

I bought my Gelli plates quite a while ago, last year and hadn't done much with them but today I decided to get them out and spend some time experimenting. I used the smaller 6" plate with Liquitex acrylic paints and mediums and had some fun. One thing I discovered is smooth paper works best.

I can only really work in my studio in the morning or evening when its hot so didn't do too much today but I really enjoy the process and will continue exploring. We've been lucky over the holiday period with great weather but now we're in for a hot spell.
I also made another quilt block similar to the last. I'm thinking about doing more and combining them somehow in a quilt. My quilt for 'Living Colour' is in progress. I'm making a thermofax screen of rose leaves for it.