Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Spring is almost here

Donkey orchids are among the early wildflowers in our area - we saw these - part of a large clump on the side of the road while walking around our suburb.

Macracarpa also seen on our walk, native to WA but not here. The red flowers are about 1.5 to 2" across when they come out. You can see the buds below.

This creeping ground cover, also on our walk, covered a large area of sandy soil.

Sun, block and thermofax print samples on linen with handpainting. These are my samples for a 2 part workshop that is planned for the ASG in November. First will be fabric painting/printing with me. Then we will choose a piece we've painted and Kay Platts will show us how to bead it. Finished pieces would be great for an evening bag or a garment embellishment.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thermofax screen printing workshop

Last Saturday I went down to Bunbury to tutor a workshop for the Stirling Street Art Centre. We only had 6 participants but they produced lots of good prints and I think they enjoyed themselves.

 drying prints

We also did discharge printing, still using the thermofax screens but with decolourant instead of paint. Below: Julie decided to discharge her jeans!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My SAQA Auction Quilt

Rags and Riches 12" x 12"

Welcome to the Oceania Collection Blog Hop!
SAQA (studio Art Quilt Associates) has an auction of art quilts every year, and this year the Oceania members contributed 32 pieces to the collection. 
The Blog Hop goes 'behind the scenes' to reveal how many of these pieces came about.
A full list of participating artists is on the main SAQA Oceania blog HERE
My quilt for the SAQA auction 2013 (above) began as a fabric collage of dyed/printed scrap pieces. I don't have a photo unfortunately, but it was about 8 x 20 inches, made up of raw edge strips of various fabrics all in purples and black. Below: with added machine stitch, couched threads and applique.

I cut and rearranged it to be slightly larger than 12 x 12", then felt it needed some contrast in colour.

Adding the foiled gold squares lead me on to yet more applique, embellishment and machine stitching with gold metallic and other threads.
I used a gold shiva oil stick rubbed off torn masking tape to outline the vertical row of appliques left of centre. The edges were stitched with a satin stitch then finished off with a machined cord.


For more inspiration, visit Linda Robertus and Susie Cujes who have already shared their creations.
Coming up soon are Robin McGrath on 17th August and Kate Oszko on 19th August.