Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hand stitching in progress

Here are the hand stitched pieces I was working on when we were away. The 2 top pics are on prefelts and will be felted more which will give them a different look.

This has some machine as well as hand stitching - might become a postcard. The background was painted over the stitching.

This needs a lot more stitching before it's finished.

I have just updated the Designing Women blog click on the link to see it.
On Saturday WAFTA held an open studio visit. This time it was Ruth de Vos who is a very talented artist and quilter. She lives not far from me but I hadn't seen her studio before. It was a very interesting and inspiring afternoon - she is amazingly well organized and has a wonderful studio space where she can look after her small children while she works. Her recent work is on the theme of childhood.
I'm flat out at the moment working on my piece for the WAFTA Mysterium exhibition. As usual, I've left it until the last minute and there is only a couple of weeks until the deadline so I'd better get back to it!

Sunday, June 09, 2013

A week away

We've just come back from a relaxing week down south, staying at Busselton. It was cold, but we had mostly fine days and even some sunshine.

beach at Dunsborough

We had a delicious lunch at Wise Winery to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Above is the view from the restaurant which overlooks the vineyard and Eagle Bay.

Busselton Marina

Busselton wetland
I managed to do some hand sewing while away - will take some photos for my next post.