Thursday, May 30, 2013

Heat transfer dyeing blues & Autumn garden pics

I was given lots of fabric pieces, lace and abandoned projects from my M.I.L's huge collection. A lot were offcuts of synthetic dressmaking fabrics which were suitable for heat transfer dyeing. The pic shows some after dyeing. They were all white to begin with - some were done by heat transferring from painted papers while others were coloured by painting directly onto the fabric, then heat setting in an Elna press.
Designing Women are having a blue challenge for June, so the blue fabrics may end up there.

Our Persimmon tree is looking lovely at the moment and we had a good crop of fruit this year too - still eating some of them. Great for breakfast with Greek yoghurt!

Agapanthus after flowering

Another sunflower appeared
weathered wood

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Scorched Earth sold!

I went to pick up my 2 pieces from the Minnawarra Art Awards this morning and found out the quilt (above) was sold. I'm very happy someone liked it enough to buy it, but I know I underpriced it. I was in such a rush getting my entry in and had to price it before actually making it. I had carefully stitched it to a stretched canvas with the idea I could remove it later, add a sleeve, and enter it into a future quilt show. Now it's gone, I'll have to get some more finished!

We went to the exhibition opening which was very nice, live music, good food, lots of people and prize giving. The work looked great, well presented and a very good standard - mostly paintings, but some sculpture, textiles, etc. They also produced an attractive catalogue with artist statements and a
colour photo of each piece. I hope to enter again next year.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Bromeliad flower

This is the first time a Bromeliad has flowered in our garden but there is another one on the way now. They were given to us by Jennie Abbott, well known WA textile artist. I had no idea the flowers would be so gorgeous.

I have been rather busy helping out my parents and looking after my DH who is having chemo therapy for Lymphoma, which is the reason I've been neglecting my blog and not reading other blogs as much either. Thanks to my readers for continuing to read and especially for commenting. I do appreciate feedback and those who follow my blog.

I've just done a new post on the Designing Women blog - hope you'll have time to look here.

I was pleased to get my piece finished for the Minnawarra art award which officially opens tomorrow and continues until the weekend in the Armadale town hall.
I'm also continuing with some teaching - had a great time a few weeks ago teaching a free machine embroidery workshop at home for 2 lovely women. I have another workshop coming up on June 1st at the Stirling Art Centre in Bunbury. Its all about thermofax printing. You can print some fabric for yourself using my screens or you could order a screen with your own design to use. This is not necessary for the workshop which is a good opportunity to learn about it and try it before ordering.
We will be printing with textile printing inks as well as trying some discharge printing and the class still has some places available.
My Thursday morning textiles class at Canning Vale is continuing too.


Friday, May 03, 2013

Fugitive media & more

This is a chalky pastel drawing on fabric made permanent by a layer of clear printing ink over the top which is the heat set when dry. Below: sample pieces of the same process. The flower was thermofax printed then coloured with the pastels.

2 new thermofax screen designs, printed in my sketchbook below.

Below is a detail of a new piece I made for the Minnawarra Art Prize called 'Scorched Earth'
It began as a breakdown print to which I've added thermofax printing, stitch,etc.