Friday, February 22, 2013

Bits & Pieces

My niece is having her kitchen tea tomorrow - I printed a card for her (not finished yet) and thought I would print some matching wrapping paper - above. I made the lino blocks years ago so it was nice to get them out to use again.

While in print mode, I added some colour to my sketchbook - above and below -which I'm trying to use more. This book was started when I did my degree. Since then, I've repurposed it by painting over some pages tearing out pictures and adding things. I find it very difficult to consistantly keep a sketchbook or journal.
I've also starting teaching my Thursday craft classes again but this year I've changed it from machine embroidery to general textile techniques. We've been doing various print and paint techniqes so far, incuding bock printing, sun printing and shiva oil sticks.
sun printing
Shiva rubbing on a printed quilt fabric.
The above piece is a canvas covered with various papers, fabrics etc. the embroidery was stitched on after. It's not quite finished - just needs a little more I think and I'll varnish over the collaged background.

My sunflower with nearly all the seeds exposed.

Monday, February 11, 2013

New thermofax prints

This design was done with a chisel point marker pen which I found worked well to make a thermofax screen. I like the design - can see it will be useful. I think I'll make another one at a different scale to use with it. The artwork for the flower screen below was drawn with the same pen.

I printed these in my family room today because this week we're having temperatures around 40C (well over 100F). I had 2 of the WAQA community quilt organisers coming today to see how to use the thermofax sceens to make their quilt labels - I was going to do the demo in my studio but as it was so hot I set up a table inside the house - thought I may as well keep it there for a while!

Haven't checked on my sunflower for a couple of days - this is the last pic.

I've just done the Febuary post for the Designing Women blog - there is some great show and tell and name badges. Hope you'll have a look here.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Not much art happening here

I like to do some craft projects over summer - decided to make this piece into a cushion after finding a cushion insert while sorting out my store room.
The wall quilt below came about because I wanted to use the embroidery unit on my machine. It hadn't been used for more than a year. I bought it with ideas of digitizing my own designs but found it too complicated to pick up only occasionally.
I'm going to give the quilt to a relative who has a baby boy.

This has acquired a border since the photo was taken - I'll post another pic when its finished.

I'm still continuing with my sunflower series - you can see the black seeds starting to appear as the flower dies off. Not sure what I'm going to do with these, although I have already made a thermofax screen of the sunflower.