Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The life of a sunflower

The sunflower appeared in our garden so I've been taking a series of photos of it's progress.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Procion MX Dyeing

When it's been cool enough to work in my studio, I've been doing some dyeing. I enrolled in Jane Dunnewold's Craftsy course (and some other classes) when they were $9.99 over the Christmas period. I would recommend her course - it's very comprehensive and although I was familiar with most of the information, I was intrigued with the texture dyeing, where textured items are rolled up or clamped with the fabric before dyeing. The above piece was printed then overdyed - you can see the texture from bubble wrap on the right side of the pic. Normally I dye first, then add print as I find that is easier but overdyeing definitely improved this.

Below: 2 pieces textured with bubble wrap - these were clamped between squares of perspex.

This fabric was pleated then rolled, with elastic bands inside the roll.

 4 fat 1/4s scrunched and layered in a jar with 4 different colours of dye.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Happy New Year

Its been so hot since Christmas - we had more than a week of temperatures over 38C (100F) but finally had a couple of cooler days so I was able to work in my studio. Yesterday I was painting  and printing with thickened Procion dyes. Those pieces are still batching but these pics are from the day before. Above: cotton with background of painted Procion, over printed with a thermofax screen using deColourant discharge paste.
I also got a couple of printing jobs done, labels for community quilts and printed lycra Tshirts for Tai chi classes.

Above and below: thermofax prints on white cotton using some new screens I've made. Top is from a photo taken at Esperance of burnt trees. It's 2 prints using the same screen flipped over for the 2nd print. The other 2 screens below were made from a photo I took at a palace near Berlin of carved stone work.

I wish my readers a Happy New Year and hope it is a peaceful one with enough time for creativity and all the good things you wish for.
Thank you to my followers for staying with me, especially to those who leave comments which I always appreciate.
I haven't made new years resolutions but hope to continue fabric dye/printing which is my primary focus but also quilts, stitch and more dressmaking. I've enrolled in several craftsy classes during their recent sales so have plenty to keep me going! I expect I'll have distractions with family health issues but will try to post regularly.