Sunday, October 20, 2013

book covers and more

I finished these yesterday, they are for the Craft fair at Mia Flora Garden Centre and café, Brookton Highway, Roleystone on Sunday 27th October.

I tried my new stencil in my sketchbook and on fabric - quite pleased with it.

Below: a new thermofax screen made from a photo of fallen leaves from our perssimon tree.

The print below is the screen repeat printed 8 times. It matches up quite well so you can't easily see the joins. They are printed on old scrap calico so I may over dye them later.

Another thermofax print.
I have also done a new post on the Designing Women blog - click here to see what we've been doing.


DIAN said...

I love these book covers. There are several on my table waiting for me to make them up.

Sandy said...

They'll be good sellers. They are quite wonderful.