Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Spring is almost here

Donkey orchids are among the early wildflowers in our area - we saw these - part of a large clump on the side of the road while walking around our suburb.

Macracarpa also seen on our walk, native to WA but not here. The red flowers are about 1.5 to 2" across when they come out. You can see the buds below.

This creeping ground cover, also on our walk, covered a large area of sandy soil.

Sun, block and thermofax print samples on linen with handpainting. These are my samples for a 2 part workshop that is planned for the ASG in November. First will be fabric painting/printing with me. Then we will choose a piece we've painted and Kay Platts will show us how to bead it. Finished pieces would be great for an evening bag or a garment embellishment.


Fran├žoise said...

Love the painted thermofax prints. That's a very good idea!

Judy McCarthy said...

We are experiencing Spring over here in SA too.Hasn't it seemed a long Winter.We've had the wettest Winter in 8 years. Quite a few years back we saw WA wild flowers and they were breath taking.It wasn't even Spring, but the diversity of blooms!
Hope the w/shop goes well.

Dorothy said...

The wildflowers are starting to show their beauty, we found donkey and another sort scrambling hrough the bush at Kulin.Prints are beatiful too