Monday, March 04, 2013

Journal cover

I've been experimenting with techniques from Sherrill Kahn's book 'Creative Mixed Media'. The round embellishment on the right side of the embroidery is made from a painted cotton makeup pad. The yarns are glued on with matte medium.

Front cover


Inside cover


Hair gel resist printed
brushed, cotton under-layer left, silk right.
Below: painted facial wipe (left) torn and glued with matte medim, yarns added. Right: more painted cotton pads.
Last sunflower pics.


Annette said...

Your experiments turned out wonderfully, isn't it fun to play?hugs

Judy Ferguson said...

These are really wonderful. Mixed media is so interesting. I have her book also.

Sandy said...

Great work. I was lucky enough to know Sherrill when we lived in California-a lady with lots of ideas.

Cathy H said...

Who would have thought of using facial wipes and cotton pads.....will have find this book and check it out......enjoy your blog...Cathy

Dorothy said...

Your experiments look great amd are very encouraging as I too have her book. It is a must do to have another look at her book.

Joy V said...

I've got plenty of those make-up pads that have dried out, was going to toss them. Sorry about the poor sunflower, she is looking a tad tired now. Hope you've saved the seeds!