Monday, February 11, 2013

New thermofax prints

This design was done with a chisel point marker pen which I found worked well to make a thermofax screen. I like the design - can see it will be useful. I think I'll make another one at a different scale to use with it. The artwork for the flower screen below was drawn with the same pen.

I printed these in my family room today because this week we're having temperatures around 40C (well over 100F). I had 2 of the WAQA community quilt organisers coming today to see how to use the thermofax sceens to make their quilt labels - I was going to do the demo in my studio but as it was so hot I set up a table inside the house - thought I may as well keep it there for a while!

Haven't checked on my sunflower for a couple of days - this is the last pic.

I've just done the Febuary post for the Designing Women blog - there is some great show and tell and name badges. Hope you'll have a look here.


Sandy said...

Those will be wondeful screens to use. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Judy Ferguson said...

February seems like a very dull month, in my opinion. It is time to explore new ideas. Your screen printing is always interesting.

Joy V said...

Great screens Linda, I especially love the first one and that sunflower is still going. Nature is wonderful isn't it?

Joy V said...

Love your new screens, especially the top one. I can see a lot of use for this one.