Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The life of a sunflower

The sunflower appeared in our garden so I've been taking a series of photos of it's progress.



Judy Ferguson said...

I saw an exhibit at the art museum where an artist painted nothing but sunflowers. Some were living and some were dead. Some in baskets and vases. It was really an interesting exhibit.

Françoise said...

Nice pictures! I like sunflowers. I always try to grow at least one each summer in my small garden.

ju-north said...

A fascinating study! Such a photogenic plant!

Dorothy said...

As a child growing up sunflowers were always in the garden, then a visit to Coffs Harbour (NSW) there tall rather a forest of sunflowers frowing on the mountains. Incredible. Fo me they have a "WOW"
factor. Lovely photos.