Thursday, July 26, 2012

Breakdown printing workshop

This was a workshop demo piece from last Sunday's workshop for WAFTA on Breakdown printing with Procion dyes. It has been washed out - the next step is to discharge some areas with deColourant then I'll add some more dye printing. The second part of the workshop will be Sunday 5th August. I want to get this piece finished for that. I think it's about 1 metre square.

I found this in my studio fridge during the big tidy up - it is leftover alginate thickener from a previous breakdown printing session, stained with procion dyes and crystallized. I think it is rather lovely, although probably not useful for anything!
I had 2 pleasant days of people visiting my studio a week before my workshop, then was busy packing and mixing dyes - the studio didn't stay tidy for long but at least it's more organised and I know where things are.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Sunday in the hills

Yesterday we had lunch at the Core Cider House at Pickering Brook which is not far from us. Lovely orchard surroundings and a very good tasting plate as well as cider tastings. They have blankets for their patrons and we needed them - it was cold!

Beautiful Banksias in their garden.

My tidying up is progressing - the studio is looking good. I'm concentrating on my sewing room now.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Sun Printing and new thermofax designs

I bought some new Sun Dyes paints from The Thread Studio $65 for 10, including 3 shimmer colours.
I tried them on a day when there was not much sun but they worked well anyway - we're having sunny days now but haven't had a chance to do more yet. There is a great choice of colours too - lots more than I've shown here.

Some new designs for my thermofax screens finally! Below: a few of them - what do you think? I also want to do some word or writing ones but my next job is to tidy and reorganise my studio because I'm having 2 studio visiting days soon for the Quilt Study Group and WAFTA. I don't think anyone would like to see it at the moment and I'm not doing before and after pics!

Some Darwin trees...