Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our back garden

My lace panel is sent to Wongan Hills for the exhibition there - I'll take some pics of the finished piece when it returns but I thought I'd show our back garden today as it's not looking too bad now.
Some of our Xanthorrhoeas (grass trees) have grown spears - below. These are native and were here before our house was built.

Our veggie garden - above: parsley and broad beans, below: beetroot and chard.

Our chooks (as we call them in Australia) The ones behind the picket fence belong to the neighbours.
Mint in the foreground too.

Yesterday I finally got to see Stitched and Bound a contemporary quilt exhibtion at Heathcote Gallery. Well worth seeing but it finishes this weekend. Lots of  people I know are in it - I didn't submit an entry this year but I intend to next time. The catalogue (below) features Jan Campbell's quilt entitled The Flood Plain.


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Sue Dennis said...

The garden looks wonderful Linda.