Thursday, July 26, 2012

Breakdown printing workshop

This was a workshop demo piece from last Sunday's workshop for WAFTA on Breakdown printing with Procion dyes. It has been washed out - the next step is to discharge some areas with deColourant then I'll add some more dye printing. The second part of the workshop will be Sunday 5th August. I want to get this piece finished for that. I think it's about 1 metre square.

I found this in my studio fridge during the big tidy up - it is leftover alginate thickener from a previous breakdown printing session, stained with procion dyes and crystallized. I think it is rather lovely, although probably not useful for anything!
I had 2 pleasant days of people visiting my studio a week before my workshop, then was busy packing and mixing dyes - the studio didn't stay tidy for long but at least it's more organised and I know where things are.


Sandy said...

Nice printing. I like the crystal too. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Judy Ferguson said...

Oh I know, take a picture of the alginate and print it on top of the printed fabric. Another masterpiece. lol.

Emma said...

That is a lovely piece of cloth. As for the fabulous icicles, what better than to use it as a still life photo & make print cards from it.