Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Block Printing

I'm writing an article for Online Quilt Magazine on Simple Printing methods - I needed a couple more photos so had a quick print session in my studio today. The top part of this print is done with a scored polystyrene tray and a square block of polystyrene. The bottom part is done with the block shown, made from hair elastics glued to a wooden block. After I washed the block, I overprinted with the wet block which gave an interesting effect. The larger purple circles were done with a slice of pool noodle. It was great to get back into the studio.

I've also updated the Designing Women blog after out May meeting so I'd love for you to visit.
Thank you for all the nice comments on my quilt in the last post - I was happy with how it turned out but unsure how other people would see it.

My DH is home from a few days in hospital and they seem to have sorted out his problems this time (fingers crossed) He is also going to have a series of treatments in a hyperbaric chamber which forces oxygen into the body cells and helps with healing.
And I have nice new purple glasses so my computer screen is looking bigger and brighter!


Sandy said...

Congratulations on the article.I hope your husband heals well. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Julie said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed too for your husband's continuing good progress. I like the effects you have got with the printing, especially the little hair bands. I find printing so exciting, there are endless things that will give interesting marks. I'm working on a piece for the Festival of Quilts over here and plan to use all sorts of printed marks to describe a delapidated surface. Wish me luck! :-)

Emma said...

Lovely printing - took me ages to see the 'block shown' - it was hiding in there. My favorite bit is the scored polysyrene. Hope all goes well with the DH x

Joy V said...

Looking forward to the article - I subscribe to the mag. Hope your hubby's health continues to improve.

Fran├žoise said...

Love this printed piece.
I hope everything goes well for your husband.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Cool printing (I especially like the hair rubber band results) and congratulations for the article. Hope your husband is on the mend.
best, nadia

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