Sunday, November 27, 2011

Covered Journal

This is the last journal cover for this year. I've done quite a few lately so will take a box of them to the Old Bakery on 8th shop next week.
This came from an embroidery done a few years ago, using the circular attachment of my sewing machine.  I was thinking of making it into a bag but journals are quicker to do and seem to sell well. The knitted flowers were a bargain purchase. I was thinking of painting this cover but I think its OK as is - what do you think?

Above: cover opened out. 
Thanks for your comments on my last post. I will remove some of the pressed tin panels if the person who buys the property intends to demolish it. I have already taken a lot of rusty tools and various items which I intend to use for rusting fabric. I'll post pics when I get to it - probably next year. Might do some rubbings in situ too.
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rusty things

Today we were at my Uncle's home doing the final few things before it goes on the market. I took some photos as this is where my father grew up too and I have happy childhood memories of visiting there and exploring the garden which was beautiful then. The house was built about 100 years ago by my grandfather. My grandmother came out from England soon after - I imagine it was a bit of a shock to her.
My Uncle always tells everyone he was born on the kitchen floor - not sure if that is true but my father, the younger brother was born in hospital. I remember there was no electricity for a long time. They had a kerosene fridge and had to light a fire for cooking and hot water. The photos I've posted here are all of the shed and it's gorgeous rusty pressed tin walls.

Below: inside the shed. My uncle was a keen gardener when he was younger, I remember beds of all kinds of jonquils and daffodils, also gladiolas and roses. He used to try to develop new varieties and of fruit too. This was his garden shed - outside is the orchard with lots of old fruit trees. My uncle lived here all his life, except during his war service. He never married. Its a pity he had to leave but he has settled in quite well and seems happy with having more company now.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post - much appreciated.
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

A quick post

The top 2 fabrics have been revamped a little - top is done with thermofax screens and below, block printed with a thermofax screen used for the final layer. I packaged up some of my fabrics into variety packs and single fabric packs for 'Gifted' which was last Sunday. I sold quite a few of them as well as thermofax screens, scarves, covered journals, etc. It was a lovely & successful day - caught up with several people I hadn't seen for a while too.

Its been a while since my last post, I've been busy with 'Gifted' as well as family things. We've almost got my Uncle's property ready to go on the market. What a huge job that was - 90 years of accumulated junk! I hope to get back to more regular posts again now.

I recently got Rayna Gillman's new book, Create your own free-form quilts and have been having fun, trying out some of her techniques with scrap fabrics. I'll use these for journal covers. The bottom one is finished. I took it and some other things to the Genesis in the Hills Creative shop yesterday. The shop was started recently by Rivka and Ita to enable local artists and craftspeople to sell their work - it is located near the restaurant car park - a good place to find handmade Christmas presents.

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