Sunday, September 25, 2011

Road trip to Goomalling

DH is feeling much better now so Friday we drove out into the country to see the wildflowers and Humble Fibres - Vivid Creations, an exhibition of textiles held at the restored Slater homestead in Goomalling (first 3 pics). We enjoyed the textiles and our lunch of home made soup and garlic bread.
Everything was lovely and green but the wildflowers were disappointing in Goomalling - we had to go further north around the Wongan Hills district where they were much better.

Visited Dowerin looking for wildflowers - saw some but not spectacular. Above: entrance to the town with the tin dog.
We stayed overnight in Goomalling then on Saturday went to Wongan Hills and walked the Christmas Rock Trail, near the town (pics below).

Today we went South to Boddington to see the Field of Quilts - I'll post some pics next time.
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

New work

Thermofax print - same screens as used on the silk scarf a couple of posts ago - this is Permaset on cotton.
Below: last Sunday I did a workshop tutored by textile artist extraordinaire: Elizabeth Morley at our local Australian Sewing Guild group.
We all made a leaf brooch and tried some of Elizabeth's methods for flowers. The small flowers I used to decorate the brooch, were ones I had done previously. It was an enjoyable day.

Sun print with mizuna leaves (Japanese salad vegetable) Renee planted them in the garden - they've been very good but now are going to seed so I thought I'd use some of the interesting shaped leaves - might do some more but will have to wait until we get a sunny day. Spring seems to have disappeared for now.

The last 2 pics are dye prints done a while ago to which I've added some discharge (de Colourant) I think this has improved them - maybe they are finished now. 

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

New journal quilt

Water soluble crayons and pencils on white cotton with a gold roller print over the top. Quilted with YLI variegated cotton thread and edges finished with yarn.
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Thursday, September 01, 2011


This silk scarf is screen printed with thickened procion dyes using a crocheted doiley for the deconstructed printing process. Then I made a thermofax screen from a scan of the same doiley and printed with de Colourant to discharge (the lighter lace images) I was very happy with how it turned out - it was started on the spur of the moment to use some mixed up dyes I had left. Sometimes things that don't have a huge amount of working out beforehand turn out the best!

Below: the shapes were drawn with chalky pastels direct onto the fabric, then clear extender print paste was scraped over to seal. this makes it permanent after heat setting. I have washed it - if you miss any parts with the extender, it washes straight out. Afterwards I quilted it. This technique is simple but I love the hand drawn quality of it. I think I'll make a bag with this piece.

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