Monday, January 31, 2011

Another journal quilt & more

My newest journal quilt which I will post on the 3 Creative Studios Flickr Group. It's one piece of fabric - started out as a print. The flowers are made from paper towel used for moping up dispersal dye. I've cut them into shapes, used them for printing on polyester fabrics, then glued them to my quilt fabric and sealed them with acrylic wax. Then made the quilt.

A collection of dyed fabrics that may end up as a quilt - there is enough for a good sized quilt.

Another block printed fabric - looks a bit Christmasy with the green and gold.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In the studio again

We had a couple of cooler days this week so I was able to spend some time printing in my studio. I was trying out some new thermofax screens with permaset textile printing inks on cotton. The small circle stencil was done with charcoal pencil, riso pen and graphite stick - all came out well. It's only A4 but I've done lots of prints in 2 colours to cover the area.
Click on the photo for a closer look - the photos looked better before I posted them.

Below right: the same circle stencil in different colours and left: another stencil made from a rubbing of an old piece of wood .

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Journal Quilts

My latest journal quilt is made from a half made, quilted bag which I decided would be better cut up and made into something else. I've butted up the pieces, stiched them together, then applied a backing. The edges were turned over to the front and stitched. The original bag fabric was dye painted after it was quilted. After putting it together, I painted the quilt with pastel blue deColourant and ironed it to discharge some of the colour and bring out the texture.

Below: front and back of another journal quilt made of leftovers from a larger quilt. Its a log cabin design but not pieced, just raw edged fabric strips bonded to thin iron on wadding and stitched through all 3 layers.

Still on the topic of quilts: Jan makes Oz Comfort Quilts for people who've lost their homes in natural disasters. She started this after the devastating Victorian bushfires a couple of years ago and is now helping flood victims from the current disaster. She is asking for people to send QAYG blocks to her which she puts together and then organises their distribution to the recipients. She has all the instructions for the blocks and other details on her blog and they are quite simple and fun to do even for me! I sent off 12 last week and have posted a pic on the Southern Hills ASG group sewing blog.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

New stuff & some interesting mail

This is one of the quilts I've been working on - it's quilted but hasn't been bound yet and still needs some embellishment. As I'm not really a quilter, I feel I need some practice with putting a quilt together, quilting and finishing but I won't be doing any very intricate, traditional work. I am enjoying putting together some of my dyed/printed fabrics.

Today's interesting mail was first, my prize from Emma in Skye which had been held up because of the winter weather in UK over Christmas. Lots of goodies in the parcel - papers, fabrics, 1 of her embroidered brooches, yarns, rusted metal - a selection of the things she uses in her wonderful collages. I haven't worked very much with papers lately but I think this lot will inspire something! Thanks very much Emma!
The second interesting mail was the return of my 2 textile tantrum pieces from Dale (the thread studio) These were done early last year and have been traveling and in various exhibitions since. Dale is having a 'pick a pocket' challenge this year, see her website.

Above: samples using deColourant and deColourant plus on Procion dyed cotton and blue commercial fabric. I brought some clear and pastel colours because they had some specials. One thing I really like about the colours is that they don't discernably change the hand of the fabric. The pale stripes on the red fabric was done to use up the product on my brush and it's very watered down but I quite like the effect.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Family Christmas

Well, daughter Renee went back to Japan last night, after a busy 2 week visit, the decorations have been put away and I guess we're back to normal now. We had a great Christmas lunch at Kathleen's house and then in the evening we had over 40 people at our house. I was too busy to take any photos then!
New Year was quiet but we've had some good times with family and friends over the holidays.

I bought some shelves and storage things at Ikea after Christmas and have been organising my sewing room and spare room so I can more easily access  my supplies. Everything is tidy at the moment but that may not last long!
And have managed to do a little textile work in between, mainly quilting. Nothing photographed yet.
Hope you all have a happy and creative 2011.

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