Monday, October 03, 2011

Going back

I'm getting ready for Fibres West at the moment and 1 of the things I have to do is prepare a 15 minute slide show of my work. All of the pics in this post are from more than 10 years ago when I was a student at Curtin University. They were slides which I've finally had converted to digital images.
We had 10 metre print tables at Curtin, so could print lengths of fabric using a repeat system with huge photographic silkscreens. The print in these photos was made from one of my charcoal drawings and was printed on various fabrics - cotton velveteen for the cushions and bag, wool in the last 2 pics, as well as silk and linen.
I've sold most of the cushions but still have a few in different colour ways and some of the fabrics too.

Detail of heart cushion printed with Procion dye on cotton velveteen.
Below: same fabric - I made the bag from embroidered leftover pieces. This was made without a pattern, just shaping as I went. I could never repeat it!

3 metres of screen printed wool fabric (acid milling dyes) I did miss being able to do this type of work but now I'm finding other ways with deconstructed printing, thermofax screens, etc.

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Carol said...

WOW, that fabric is just stunning

Kit Lang said...

Beautiful, lush fabrics!

Judy said...

Ditto above...wish I could see your work for REAL!!

Emma said...

Good luck, these look delicious. What an amazing field of quilts!

DIAN said...

I love the generous earthiness of these fabrics. Gorgeous.

Cait said...

Oh such beautiful rich colours and textures - I bet you're having fun going back.

Mermaid's Purse said...

The fabric is absolutely gorgeous!