Saturday, September 17, 2011

New work

Thermofax print - same screens as used on the silk scarf a couple of posts ago - this is Permaset on cotton.
Below: last Sunday I did a workshop tutored by textile artist extraordinaire: Elizabeth Morley at our local Australian Sewing Guild group.
We all made a leaf brooch and tried some of Elizabeth's methods for flowers. The small flowers I used to decorate the brooch, were ones I had done previously. It was an enjoyable day.

Sun print with mizuna leaves (Japanese salad vegetable) Renee planted them in the garden - they've been very good but now are going to seed so I thought I'd use some of the interesting shaped leaves - might do some more but will have to wait until we get a sunny day. Spring seems to have disappeared for now.

The last 2 pics are dye prints done a while ago to which I've added some discharge (de Colourant) I think this has improved them - maybe they are finished now. 

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Anne B said...

Lovely printing Linda - lots of great ideas.

Sandy said...

Nice pieces.

Annette said...

Fantastic, I find your work so inspirational.. thank you

Judy said...

Love the printing Linda. Oh and those brooches!!ooh lala!!

Dorothy said...

Interesting prints!I agree with Annette, inspirational!!

Judy said...

The discharged pieces are great - and I love your sun printing. Great idea to use the salad leaves. Fabulous Thermofax screen.


Virginia said...

Good morning Linda,

I've just discovered your blog - you are doing lovely work, thank you for sharing it.
I've been trying sun prints using SetaColour silk, do you mind sharing what you use?