Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting back to work

Here are my 2 latest journal quilts, the applique on the 1st quilt was designed by folding a piece of paper in 4, cutting out a design, opening it out and using the resulting paper shape as a pattern. Both the background and the applique fabrics were made from scrap pieces, bonding and stitching.
The 2nd is my version of a quilt from an article in the last QA magazine - not very creative of me I know, but it was done while I wasn't feeling up to doing much at all.

I have been getting quite a few orders for the thermofax screens - check out what Emma has been doing with hers that I made with her own design. Lots of other lovely things on her blog too.

For more info, click on the thermofax tab at the top of my blog or go to my Etsy shop.
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Black Cockatoos, Pin Cushion Hakea & Fibres West

I usually take a photo of our Pin Cushion Hakea at this time of year - this year it's particularly good. We're having lovely Autumn weather at the moment so have been enjoying the garden while I recover.

Below: So have these magnificent black cockatoos. Hard to get a good photo of them - this is at the top of tall gum trees and there were many more of them than I managed to get in the picture. They are quite large birds - these ones have white tail feathers and there's another type that have bright red feathers under their tails so they look wonderful in flight. They always seem to be having a great time, flying around in big groups, screeching and pruning the trees. Some people complain about the noise and mess they make but I love them.
They are now becoming endangered which is a pity.

Textile retreats like Fibres West are a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with like minded people, learning, working and being inspired and stimulated. Your accommodation is provided as well as good food with no cooking or clearing up involved. You choose 1 workshop from the 10 offered which gives you the chance to work in depth for the week but also to see what other people are doing in the other workshops and attend talks or events most evenings. There are a variety of tutors, some local and some from interstate and overseas.
There are still places available in several of the workshops but you need to get in soon if you are interested. Click on a link or email for more info.

My workshop: Mark Making on Cloth - Extending Dye/Print techniques still has places available.
We will be working with 'deconstructed' or 'breakdown' printing techniques which use Procion dyes and a silkscreen in a very free and spontaneous manner. (an example is shown in my previous post)
Students will explore many exciting methods for creating cloth that is rich in colour and depth including polychomatic screen printing, unusual ways to make stencils and resists (including soy wax) hand painting, block and mono printing, and the use of textile paints, oil sticks and water soluble crayons and pencils.
You really need at least a few days for this workshop so having a week will enable wonderful possibilities for layering of imagery and process.
Events like this do not come along every day!
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Monday, May 02, 2011

In my studio

Above: breakdown print on silk - using Procion dyes. I love this process - hadn't tried it on silk before and not my usual colours but I'm happy with how this has turned out. I think I'll send it for the Artwear Publications complex cloth swap to be shown at the Brisbane Textile Art Festival. You have to send a piece of silk 70 cms square and this is about 80 x 120cms, which is good because I can cut out the best area and keep the rest myself. Finished pieces have to be posted by 31st May.

Another 2 scarves in progress. Same process - left one is silk twill and right one is a fine silk and cotton mix. I've been working hard in my studio for the past week - the weather is perfect for it and I've been trying to get as much as possible done before I go into hospital tomorrow to have my gall bladder surgery. I really don't want to stop work and I'm not sure how long I'll be out of action.

I've shown the above piece in B/W because the colours looked wrong in the photo - it's a screen print on cotton using the same screen as the previous post. I'm going to add some stitching and stretch it over a canvas.

Below: I've wanted to try using a laser print with dispersal dyes for a while - it works! You paint over the print with the dye - the print resists the dye so that when it's heat transferred onto fabric, you get a negative image.

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