Tuesday, March 01, 2011

New work

This 12"x 12" journal quilt was just finished. The appliqued shapes started as a separate piece of embroidery but being all olive colours, I thought it was a bit dull so I cut it up into these rectangular pieces. I had trouble finding a suitable background - tried it against many different colours but wasn't happy until I found this one which I didn't think would work but the turquoise blue with the olive and tan livens up the whole piece and now I like it - reminds me of tropical rainforest.

I've used 1 of my thermofax screens (made from a rubbing) to print across the dark area of the above, roller printed fabric - much better!

The 2 procion dyed fabrics above were my demo pieces for my last workshop. I only did 2 fat quarters in the one container (lemon yellow & purple) but the workshop participants did 4 in different colours. I haven't seen how their pieces turned out yet as they batched them on the day then took them home to wash out but its a great method to get a variety of colours - very simple!

I was very lucky to win a blog giveaway by Linda - a piece of her Dutch houses fabric (above) which she designed and had printed by Spoonflower. It arrived this morning - isn't it great? Thank you so much Linda. Check out Linda's blog for some of her new Spoonflower fabrics.  Posted by Picasa



I love the colours that you have created in your journal quilt.

Sandy said...

The piece turned out well and is a good use of a textile that isn't working.
I like the other pieces.

Judys Fiber Art said...

These pieces are quite impressive. So many layers. Great.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Gosh yes, that background fabric does really make the rest of it better. Very lush look. Like it a lot.

Emma said...

That's turned out beautifully. Love the reapeated image in your giveaway win - i couls try a few scottish houses in a line - love that kind of thing.

Might try another w/s - it occurs to me that if people bring their own machines to my house - i can squeese a few in, I'll be quids in! I'm gaining my own little circulation list & there were 3 who couldn't make it before. If I can muster the courage again, i will continue ;) Where do you hold your workshops?