Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Printing with dye

The week before Chrismas was quite productive - I had some mixed up Procion dyes that I wanted to use so spent 3 days printing with some good results. The 2 pics are on the print table, before curing and washing out but I have since done that. Top is a breakdown print and below, a thermofax print. I did lots more - will post pics soon.

We had a lovely Christmas spent with family - not too hot this year thankfully, although we're expecting some hot days now. Just came back from a great barbeque meal at our daughters' new place. It was very pleasant sitting out doors this evening.
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas goodies & swaps

Exciting mail today from another of Judy's generous blog giveaways - thanks so much Judy!

Not much happening here in the way of art lately but I went to Trudi Pollard's exhibition opening at Genesis in the Hills last Saturday. Some great work on show and I bought one of her framed pieces. Its only on until Sunday so hurry if you want to see it. She uses a lot of natural dyes from local plants and hand stitching - beautiful!
This week also, I saw another textile exhibition which is well worth a visit in Perth at the WA museum - it's called Prefix and features several of Perth's more well known textile artists as well as some Japanese artists. It has been shown in Japan too. Upstairs there is also a display of Noongar dolls.

I made 2 Christmas decorations for swaps at group meetings but forgot to photograph them. Above is the one I received from Juliet at Designing Women's Christmas lunch. 

This is a section of the cool fabric I received from Glenda in the Aus/NZ art quilt Yahoo group swap - she did a roller print from her outdoor table to get the pattern. A scan of 1 of my pieces is  below. They're both fat quarters but I've only shown the sections that I scanned.

My fabric (below) is a multi layered print using a soy wax stencil, mono printing, thermofax screen, block printing and over dyeing.

Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas time.
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Covered Journal

This is the last journal cover for this year. I've done quite a few lately so will take a box of them to the Old Bakery on 8th shop next week.
This came from an embroidery done a few years ago, using the circular attachment of my sewing machine.  I was thinking of making it into a bag but journals are quicker to do and seem to sell well. The knitted flowers were a bargain purchase. I was thinking of painting this cover but I think its OK as is - what do you think?

Above: cover opened out. 
Thanks for your comments on my last post. I will remove some of the pressed tin panels if the person who buys the property intends to demolish it. I have already taken a lot of rusty tools and various items which I intend to use for rusting fabric. I'll post pics when I get to it - probably next year. Might do some rubbings in situ too.
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rusty things

Today we were at my Uncle's home doing the final few things before it goes on the market. I took some photos as this is where my father grew up too and I have happy childhood memories of visiting there and exploring the garden which was beautiful then. The house was built about 100 years ago by my grandfather. My grandmother came out from England soon after - I imagine it was a bit of a shock to her.
My Uncle always tells everyone he was born on the kitchen floor - not sure if that is true but my father, the younger brother was born in hospital. I remember there was no electricity for a long time. They had a kerosene fridge and had to light a fire for cooking and hot water. The photos I've posted here are all of the shed and it's gorgeous rusty pressed tin walls.

Below: inside the shed. My uncle was a keen gardener when he was younger, I remember beds of all kinds of jonquils and daffodils, also gladiolas and roses. He used to try to develop new varieties and of fruit too. This was his garden shed - outside is the orchard with lots of old fruit trees. My uncle lived here all his life, except during his war service. He never married. Its a pity he had to leave but he has settled in quite well and seems happy with having more company now.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post - much appreciated.
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

A quick post

The top 2 fabrics have been revamped a little - top is done with thermofax screens and below, block printed with a thermofax screen used for the final layer. I packaged up some of my fabrics into variety packs and single fabric packs for 'Gifted' which was last Sunday. I sold quite a few of them as well as thermofax screens, scarves, covered journals, etc. It was a lovely & successful day - caught up with several people I hadn't seen for a while too.

Its been a while since my last post, I've been busy with 'Gifted' as well as family things. We've almost got my Uncle's property ready to go on the market. What a huge job that was - 90 years of accumulated junk! I hope to get back to more regular posts again now.

I recently got Rayna Gillman's new book, Create your own free-form quilts and have been having fun, trying out some of her techniques with scrap fabrics. I'll use these for journal covers. The bottom one is finished. I took it and some other things to the Genesis in the Hills Creative shop yesterday. The shop was started recently by Rivka and Ita to enable local artists and craftspeople to sell their work - it is located near the restaurant car park - a good place to find handmade Christmas presents.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fibres West: my students' work

Here are a few of Fay's photos featuring student work done in my recent Mark Making on Cloth workshop. They got some great results, especially since none of them had tried deconstructed screen printing before - although some were experienced at printing and dye techniques. I hope I have some pieces from everyone here.
(Lorna asked what deconstructed printing is so I thought I should explain briefly as others may be wondering too. Sometimes called breakdown printing, it uses thickened Procion dyes which can be painted, dripped, applied with a syringe onto the silkscreen or squeegeed over the screen with textured items underneath the mesh. The dye is then left to dry on the silkscreen. To print with the prepared screen, clear alginate print paste or a contrasting coloured thickened dye is used. It usually requires several pulls with the squeegee to start breaking down the dried dye in the screen. As it breaks down you get wonderful organic marks which change with each print as the dried dye breaks down further. You can continue printing until almost none of the dried dye is left on the screen. It is a very free and unstructured way of screen printing and is a variation  developed by Kerr Grabowski from polychromatic printing)

Above: Juliet, who hadn't done much printing or dyeing before but really enjoyed it.
Below: Jan did some fabulous pieces.

Below: Fay used some of my thermofax screens to print T shirts for Christmas gifts as well as doing lots of deconstructed prints.

Hania sent me her own designs to make the 2 thermofax screens below, which she used in the workshop.

I think the above prints are Melissa's - an orange deconstructed print and a great soy wax screen.

Above: Stella's soy wax print, which she over dyed and over printed with stencils she made & a thermofax screen.
Below: Lia's deconstructed prints - she enjoyed layering techniques.

Below: Lyn's prints and printed silk scarf draped over a wooden screen she made.

Above: Mychelle printed lots of wonderful fabrics - this is only a few of them.
Below: more beautiful fabric prints from Hania.

Just realised I don't have any of Margaret's work - have to fix that! She did a lot of pieces with writing and actually made an outfit with her fabrics when she got home.

Above: bottom left is another of Jan's prints - the others are Judiths - also the scarves below.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

GIFTED and more

I've been invited to take part in 'Gifted', Sunday November 13th, It will be an opportunity to purchase gorgeous, handcrafted gifts (or treat yourself) from some of WA's textile artists. I'll have my thermofax screens with some new designs, printed/dyed fabrics, scarves, covered journals etc. Hope to see you there!

Embellish Magazine ran an art cloth swap at the Brisbane Textile Art Festival this year. I'm a little late writing about this but above is a scan of the first page of the article in the lastest issue (Vol 2 Issue 7) My cloth, Corrosion, is at the bottom of the page. I was lucky enough to receive Natural Treasures by Marie-Therese Wisniowski as my swap piece, which I love - it's the piece with rich geens and gold, 3rd row down. More info on her blog.

I had a wonderful, very busy week at Fibres West, with my 11 fabulous students. I'll post some pics of their work next post.
They worked very hard and acheived much. It was a great experience all round - catching up with people, seeing what the other classes were doing, as well as the lecture programme and evening activities.

Unfortunately while I was away, my Mum had to go into respite care - she was in hospital when I left but it was felt that she wasn't well enought to cope at home. Hoping to get services in place soon so she can go home again and also dealing with clearing out my Uncle's property before selling it, things are pretty stressful at present. I may not post as often for a while.

The doileys are from a series I did while a student at Curtin University - more of my old slides now converted to digital format so I can re-visit them.

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Monday, October 03, 2011

Going back

I'm getting ready for Fibres West at the moment and 1 of the things I have to do is prepare a 15 minute slide show of my work. All of the pics in this post are from more than 10 years ago when I was a student at Curtin University. They were slides which I've finally had converted to digital images.
We had 10 metre print tables at Curtin, so could print lengths of fabric using a repeat system with huge photographic silkscreens. The print in these photos was made from one of my charcoal drawings and was printed on various fabrics - cotton velveteen for the cushions and bag, wool in the last 2 pics, as well as silk and linen.
I've sold most of the cushions but still have a few in different colour ways and some of the fabrics too.

Detail of heart cushion printed with Procion dye on cotton velveteen.
Below: same fabric - I made the bag from embroidered leftover pieces. This was made without a pattern, just shaping as I went. I could never repeat it!

3 metres of screen printed wool fabric (acid milling dyes) I did miss being able to do this type of work but now I'm finding other ways with deconstructed printing, thermofax screens, etc.

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