Monday, November 29, 2010

Rich in Stitch Exhibition

Our exhibition finished yesterday so here are a few pics. It was a great gallery space and the work was beautifully displayed.
You probably can't see the individual pieces very well but top left are 2 of my favourites. They're by Juliet and are both felt pieces.

Another, I liked very much was Margaret's 4 canvases on the theme of 10 - above right. On the far left is the group piece we did last year for the WAFTA Naturally exhibtion. Looking through to the gray wall you can see some of the Whiter Shade of Pale framed works.

Above: looking from the front corner, back into the gallery, and below a closer view. The 2 second from the right on the white wall are mine - the top one was sold on Sunday. The sales were slow to start but by the end we had done quite well. I'll post a few more pics next time.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

New covered sketchbooks

I was asked to do some more of these for a gallery shop. These are the first 4. They were photographed tonight so the colours might be slightly off but I'm going to take them in tomorrow and won't have time then. Top: commercial fabrics pieced and stitched with some block printing and beaded braid added. The middle 2 (opened out) are dispersal dyed and stitched.

Dyed and printed fabric, quilted and embroidered.

An update on our exhibition which finishes on Sunday: It's been quite successful - quite a few pieces sold, including one of mine. We had a big sale on Thursday while I was on roster - a woman brought 7 pieces which was great. Her Christmas shopping I think! The only problem has been that several people said they had trouble finding the gallery. I'll post some pics after it's finished.
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Monday, November 15, 2010

herb garden & holiday

This is our herb garden - DH is a supplier of herbs for our local vegetarian restaurant: Genesis in the Hills. It is great to have fresh herbs available when cooking.

We recently had a short break down south at Dunsborough - the red kangaroo paws above are outside the Margaret River Chocolate factory. Kathleen & Ryan came down too. Here they are at Samudra Cafe, a very relaxing place that has raw foods, yoga classes and retreats. We didn't have a meal but the smoothies, juices and snacks were delicious and we bought some supplies to take home.
This area has so many great beaches, galleries, restaurants, and wineries, it's a beautiful place to visit and we always take home lots of goodies. Also had a lovely swim in the ocean which I should do more often.

Designing Women's exhibition opened on Friday - it looks great with some fantastic work on show. I ended up naming my piece shown in the previous post Windows and Shutters. Thanks everyone for the helpful suggestions.
I've decide to concentrate on sewing myself some clothes now that most of my work for the year is done. I really need some new things and I find it very hard find much suitable to buy in the shops. Today I've almost finished making a top and hopefully a few more to come.
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