Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Stuff

Lace flower free machine embroidered on sticky soluble. 19 x 20cms Not sure what I'll do with this - maybe it needs to part of a larger piece.

New covered journals made from my printed/painted fabrics.

Work in progress: it still needs quite a bit more stitching. I'm making it to fit a frame I have. 29 x 29cms square.

Above: the quilt I did for the swap in the previous post. It looks distorted in the pic but it isn't really. I haven't heard back from the recipient - I hope that means she's away, not that its got lost or she doesn't like it!
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Swaps received

6 ATCs received today from a no theme swap run by the Aus/NZ Art Quilters Yahoo Group. The makers are: Sylvia Orlando, Sue Thomas, Sharon Andrews, Karen Dean, L Clarke & Dorothy Faithful.
The ATC far right (which came yesterday) is from Ruby from the UK who is 8 years old.
Thanks everyone, they're all lovely!

This quilt, 'If The Key Fits' by Annette Sibson, I received last week, also from a swap organised by the same Yahoo Group. I'm really thrilled with this, She has used rusted fabric, Shiva rubbings, some hand painting & embroidery as well as a real old key attached with string. Its beautifully quilted too - I love it - thanks so much Annette!
I forgot to post a pic of the one I swapped - next post.
For a closer look click on the pics.

Last pic is my scarf in Embellish
magazine right page, top, with my
2nd prize certificate. It will be on
display at the Brisbane Textile Art
Festival before it returns to me.
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blog Prizes

Thanks for all your comments and welcome to those who've signed up as followers. Hope you'll keep visiting and commenting. The 100th follower is Ju-North (prize below made from a project in QA magazine) I got my husband to do the draw for the commenters and the winner is: Judy. Her prize is the little bag above. It's big enough for a mobile or I Pad with an adjustable shoulder cord. (my own design)

2 new ATCs and below: some flowers, all free machine embroidered on vilene 541 except the fluffy purple one which was wrapped around a frame (bangle)

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Last week's workshops

Above: Some of the lovely ladies from Bunbury Creative Textile Group with work from the second day of workshops. The first day we did a little dyeing and lots of printing - the second day was machine embroidery with some foiling, painted vliesofix, burning, solubles, etc.
They have a great venue at the Art Centre which is used by several different groups, and they looked after me well, with delicious soups and cakes for lunch. We stayed nearby with relatives, who it was also nice to catch up with.

Above: A sample piece I did in the workshop and just finished at home - Kunin felt with painted vliesofix ironed on, gold flakes, foil, threads, nylon glitz - topped with a chiffon scarf then stitched and burnt with a heat gun.

Cords made on the sewing machine. Right: cord from yarns, twisted and zigzagged over with small pieces of organza and fancy yarn added.
The 2 circular cords were made from the pantyhose shown left. You cut a strip 3 -4 cms from the leg, then stretch it out while stitching over it with zigzag. These are great for applying to embroideries because you don't have to worry about securing the ends.
The flower in the centre of the pic was done by free stitching on vilene 541. I used the circular cord around the centre of the flower, looping it and holding with a wooden skewer as each loop was stitched in place. These cords also make a nice edge for shapes and I've used them for edging postcards if they turn out the right size.
You might need to click on the pic to see it better.

Big draw and announcement on Friday (see previous post) for commenters.
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Thursday, June 03, 2010

New Bag

The bag, front above, back below, is made from scraps of fabric. The base is leftover pieces of rayon dress fabric, scrunched and ironed onto vilene then free machine stitched. The lace is heat transfer dyed curtain fabric. I did the base fabric ages ago with a bag in mind but wasn't quite sure how to do it. The top section was a later piece of work. I was looking through my pile of unfinished things when it suddenly occurred to me that these 2 would go together, and this is the result.
Unlike many people whose blogs I read, I don't stress about unfinished things. I often just start something without a definite result in mind, or just as an experimental piece, or to use a collection of scraps, but I find that these usually end up turning into something and are often very useful when deadlines are looming.

I see I have 95 people who have registered to follow my blog - I think I'll have a giveaway as a thank you. A prize for the 100th follower (please leave a comment so I know who is the 100th) and also another prize draw for any one else who leaves a comment. I'm not sure what they'll be yet - it will have to wait until after my Bunbury workshops. I'll announce the winners in 2 weeks time - Friday 18th June.

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Good and Bad News

The bad news first: my quilt, Red Gum, was not selected for Stitched & Bound. I'm just posting the detail pic today because I will submit the quilt for other exhibitions. This time I went to the trouble and expense of professional photos but I'm not sure if that helped. I think they sharpened the image too much and the colour is actually a bit darker than the photos. I would have taken them back but didn't have time.

Any way, the day after that news arrived, I had a phone call from Embellish Magazine to tell me I had won 2nd prize in their Embellished Scarf Competition and a cheque's in the mail, so that made me feel a little better. It's been quite a while since I entered and I had presumed that I was unsuccessful. The scarf will be on display at the Brisbane Textile Fair, then it will come back to me.

DH with the remains of our tree after the tree loppers finally came back and finished the job. And below, a couple more garden pics of native plants that are flowering in our front garden now.

Pincushion Hakea

Ned Kelly Grevillea
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