Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gelatine printing and more soy wax

Top 2 pics are some of my gelatine prints - just quick ones because I needed to try out the process before I leave. I'm doing a workshop in this and the soy wax for one of my groups 3 days after I return.

The 2 next pics are soy wax painted with procion dyes. The advantage of using dyes is that you can layer the colours without changing the hand of the fabric. My dyes are old so the colours washed out a bit softer but not a bad result. I like the crackle effect in the sample below.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Soy Wax

I had never used soy wax before - these are my first test pieces. Most are painted with textile paints, except the one with the circles inside squares which is painted with procion dyes. A few more dyed ones are batching. I prefer the dyed ones but paint will probably be easier in a workshop situation.
Must say, I still like traditional batik using paraffin & beeswax more, except for the hassle of removing the wax. Soy wax washes out in hot soapy water but because it is water soluble, the paint or dye tends to leach through and you don't get such a clear result - also you can't put it in a dye bath. However, I'll keep experimenting with it.

Today I tried gelatine printing, again for the first time - really enjoy this process! No pics yet. Both techniques are covered very well in Rayna Gillman's book: Create your own hand printed cloth which I would recommend.

Yesterday I took my finished quilt to be professionally photographed so I can enter Stitched & Bound. Another first - pat on the back for me - getting it done this time! I'm quite happy with the way it turned out but we'll see if the judges like it.
I'm off to Japan next Friday and there's lots to do before that, so may not blog until I return on the 5th May.
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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Quilt progress

Today has been a mixed sort of day... this morning I had a BCC skin cancer removed from my arm - I have a 4 cm cut with stitches.

Then I decided to put my quilt, which I finished stitching yesterday evening, into the cloque bath. This is always a little nerve wracking when you've spent a lot of time assembling and stiching a piece. I've had one spectacular disaster with a large wool piece which was basically destroyed by the caustic - it went hard and brittle. However this time all seems to be well - it's drying on our trampoline at the moment after neutralizing and washing.

The pics show a test piece I did with similar fabrics. The top layer is silk crepe de chine, inside layers open weave cotton and bottom layer silk organza. The silk is horrible to stitch. I used microtex sharp needles and had to change them several times. I used my walking foot first to get it all together then free motion machine stitching using a hoop.
The quilt was 86 x 108cms and after shrinking ended up 66 x 83cms. The next thing is deciding whether it's finished and putting a hanging sleeve on.
I wish now I'd committed to the organized photography session this weekend but I really didn't think I'd get it done on time.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

ATC Swap & Holey Moley

Received these lovely ATCs in the mail today from Lorna in the UK. She couldn't decide which one to send so sent both. I'm very lucky, thanks Lorna!

I've sadly neglected my Holey Moley course but was inspired to do a little yesterday. These are for this months topic: Textures. Above left: texture using the backing fabric which shrinks with a steam iron. Top right: Dale's invention - Le Scrunch. Bottom right: the same fabric silver foiled and shrunk with hot water soluble. All worked well but I still prefer the Cloque technique.

Above top: shirring elastic wound tightly around a wire frame with scraps of fabric stitched over. Bottom left: same technique with grilon thread which shrinks when ironed. Bottom right: silk fabrics stitched on soluble vilene with grilon thread in the bobbin.

I've been trying to get my entry to Stitched and Bound 2010 done - it is going well so far but I have so many distractions at the moment with family etc. that I doubt it'll be ready on time but if not I'll try for another exhibition later on. At least I'm getting it made this time. For the 2008 one I had the fabric dyed and printed - and that's as far as it got.
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