Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quilt finished & other stuff

Above: made from the left over bits from another work in progress. I stiched them onto poly chiffon then heat-gunned from the back.
Below: The finished quilt 'Magic Carpet'. I first blogged this quite a while ago. I thought it was going to be a bag but decided it could be a wall piece but when I put on a backing and bound the edges I thought it needed more. I've now stitched on a lot of beads which has given it sparkle and more richness. I'm going submit it for the Quiltwest exhibtion in May - although they'll probably hate it! I'm also putting in my reject quilt from last years OZ Quilt exhibition. They say they will hang at least one from everyone, so we'll see what happens.
I'd be interested in any feedback on my new quilt. I'm not really sure whether I should carry on with quilting.

Below: a detail of 'Magic Carpet'

My package from Maggie Grey's givaway arrived yesterday. It was a lovely surprise and included one of Maggie's sample pieces, lutradur, romeo some hand-dyed cottons and silk, yarn and other fabrics all in colours I will enjoy using.

The drought has finally broken in Perth - a very bad storm yesterday evening with huge hail stones, lots of wind and rain which caused a lot of damage but we were lucky and just got the much needed rain - although we were without power for several hours. Others won't have power for several days apparently. Daughter Kathleen has some broken windows and damaged cars. I thought the storm would clear the air but it's still warm and muggy.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Textile Tantrums

Above is the corner of one of my entries in Dale's Textile Tantrum exhibition. It's called Shattered. It's finished except for the sleeve and label. Below: some flowers I made for my other entry - although I'm not going to use them all. These have taken much longer than I planned but the end is in sight. Then it's on to my entry for Stitched and Bound.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sculpture by the Sea 2010

Here's my pick from Sculture by the Sea today. I'm sorry I don't know names as we didn't buy a $10 catalogue but there were many fabulous sculptures as usual. A gorgeous day today too - 32C with a nice breeze. Then Kathleen treated us to lunch - a birthday present for DH (Wayne).

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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Christmas swap & a workshop

This is the gorgeous Christmas decoration I received from Suzanne. On the back (below) she's hand embroidered part of the chorus from the Christmas carol: We Three Kings of Orient Are. I'm very impressed - its beautifully done and I love it - thankyou Suzanne!

Yesterday I tutored a workshop for the 84 Group on print & paint techniques. I didn't take photos there but here area couple of my test and demo pieces. Above: printing with bleach - left: using a slice of pool noodle & right: a lino print.
Below: demo pieces with various techniques - the idea for the cardboard block where I've cut around circle shapes then removed the top layer of cardboard is from Melanie Testa's book: Inspired to Quilt. I've used cardboard before but I like this combination of shapes and stripes. Her book is mainly about printing with dyes for transparent layering in her journal quilts - quite interesting with some different ideas.

My next challenge is to try soy wax and gelatine printing as I'm doing a workshop for Designing women in April and have not tried either of the techniques before, although I have done traditional batik using parrafin and bees wax. I also have to get my textile tantrum for Dale finished this week and then my quilt for Stitched and Bound if I can.

And the exciting news is that I'm going to Japan again in late April/May. My daughter Kathleen wants to go and has talked me into going too as she didn't want to travel alone. So I should get to see some cherry blossoms. It will be a bit late but we're going to Takayama which is high in the mountains and has flowers later. We're also going to Tokyo and plan to visit fabric town and Tomato (famous fabric shop).

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