Thursday, February 25, 2010

Christmas decoration challenge

These are the decorations I made for the Innovative Stitches November Christmas swap challenge - everyone brought their selection of fabrics, beads, threads etc. which were distributed by a lucky dip. I got quite a large selection of gold and white from Anne so I was inspired to make a collection, including an ATC made with the left overs. I'll give them to Anne at our meeting on Saturday - hope she hasn't read my blog!
I should get back mine too, that someone else has made.

So hot in Perth today - about 42C I think and probably more here in the hills. No relief in sight either - at least for a few days.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Dissolvables at Designing Women

At our first DW meeting this year, I did a mini demo on dissolvable fabrics. This little bowl was one of my samples. It’s fabric and thread scraps between 2 layers of vilene 541 stitched and moulded around a candle.

Work 2010 044

After the demos we had a challenge where we all brought a collection of interesting fabric scraps, threads, etc. which were each placed in a brown paper bag and given to someone else. The idea is to use the collection we received with dissolvable to make a finished piece by next meeting. I ended up with a rather mixed bag of colours that were not very compatible – might have to make a couple of pieces.

The pic below is my best effort to show the inside of the bowl – impossible to get all in focus.

Work 2010 054 Work 2010 046

I also did some experimenting with hot water soluble for the demo. The right one is before shrinking – left, after. This technique is described in QA mag issue 13.

Work 2010 047


Scraps of a silk print, dyed, then stitched onto cotton baby muslin. It was then put into a cloque bath to shrink the cotton. The silk doesn’t shrink, so you get a ruching effect seen in the photo below. The piece is about 45cms square so I think it will make a bag.

Work 2010 050

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

What I'm working on

I've added some stitching & beads to my little felt piece - not quite finished yet. The green one is one of my new ones but I think it only needs a little stitching.

This fabric collage is finished for now. I took it along to the ATASDA meeting for some feedback - the advice was to tone down some of the yellow which was a bit jarring and add more orange - which I agreed with and have done. I still need to decide whether to add any more and to frame it or not. I'll leave it to 'stew' for a while - then decide.

This is a detail of a set project for one of my groups. We were given a size; 15 x 35 and the theme was A Whiter Shade of Pale. I hope I can get away with the tiny bits of red!

You may have noticed at the top of my blog there's a link to a new page called Textile Workshops. I'm often asked what I teach so thought this was an easy way for people to access the information. I'll add new ones as I get time.

I found out about this new feature of Blogger through Brenda - she has written about it on her blog - thanks Brenda!

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