Monday, November 29, 2010

Rich in Stitch Exhibition

Our exhibition finished yesterday so here are a few pics. It was a great gallery space and the work was beautifully displayed.
You probably can't see the individual pieces very well but top left are 2 of my favourites. They're by Juliet and are both felt pieces.

Another, I liked very much was Margaret's 4 canvases on the theme of 10 - above right. On the far left is the group piece we did last year for the WAFTA Naturally exhibtion. Looking through to the gray wall you can see some of the Whiter Shade of Pale framed works.

Above: looking from the front corner, back into the gallery, and below a closer view. The 2 second from the right on the white wall are mine - the top one was sold on Sunday. The sales were slow to start but by the end we had done quite well. I'll post a few more pics next time.

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Emma said...

What a great space & well done on your sales. The wonderful feeling we get from making is certainly confirmed with a few sales I think ;)

You won my giveaway! I won't send the leaves, of course. Will e mail to check your address.

Sandy said...

That is a great space for showing work. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

The Idaho Beauty said...

One might think such a white space would come across too sterile, but it showcases the well-hung art so well. Wish I could have seen it in person.

Fenland Textile Studio said...

What a beautiful space for your exhibition. Wish I could have been there.