Friday, October 08, 2010

Dispersal dyes & a tidy studio

Above: some samples with dispersal dyes on poly satin. Before I teach or demonstrate I always like to re-visit the technique, while at the same time, test my dyes are still OK. I really like these quick pieces and will develop them further - maybe a large piece coming up!

I had to take some pics of my studio now I've spent most of the week tidying and re-organizing it - it won't stay like this for long!
I guess I should have taken some before pics but I wouldn't have been game to post them here. It makes me really want to get working - all that space.

Apologies, I forgot to answer some questions from a previous post on Breakdown printing. A couple of books I would recommend on the subject: Breakdown Printing by ClaireBenn & Lesley Morgan, Committed to Cloth and Rayna Gillman's book: Create your own hand printed cloth.

This process uses thickened Procion dye which has dried on the silkscreen. There are various ways to apply the dye - one is to print over something textured like bubble wrap. The dye dries on the screen, retaining the texture or pattern. When clear thickener or a contrasting colour is printed through the textured screen, the dried dye gradually breaks down, giving wonderful organic patterning. You can keep printing until most of the dried dye is gone - any that remains can be easily washed out. Don't try this with textile paints - if they dry in the silkscreen they are permanent!

Thanks everyone who comments - I love to receive them and do try to reply or leave a comment on your blog but sometimes when I get busy I may forget.

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Mermaid's Purse said...

Disperse dyes are so easy yet so much fun aren't they? Love the leaf prints ......... really pretty colours!

Doreen G said...

Love the colours Linda and a tidy studio--what are you thinking of girl you are only going to mess it up again.

Sandy said...

Your dye work is so nice. Good studio space.

Judy said...

I've never tried disperse dyes.The pieces look lovely.
Wow..what a tidy studio. I am going to post my "messy" space...I'm in the middle of umpteen projects.Don't you just love to get into work when your space is clean, organised, and ready for action!Have fun!!

carlseapatch said...

Great space Linda, much, much tidier than mine!!!

carlseapatch said...

Great space Linda, much, much tidier than mine!!!

Helen Suzanne said...

Hiya Linda
Hope all is well. I'm dropping by after a long absence blogging and am delighted to see your pages again, also to add a little note... I'm changing my blog and webpage to and thought you'd like to update/add any old link you might have for heb-art journal.

all the best
Helen S

Art Quill Studio said...

Great leaf prints Linda !
So pleased to see these under utilized disperse dyes being used so creatively.
Looking forward to seeing more exciting pieces !