Friday, October 29, 2010


Here are a couple of my canvases (theme of Ten) for the DW exhibition - the top one: 10 Leaves, I photographed before sealing the silk paper background and I may also change the finish on a couple of the copper leaves.
Below: is finished apart from the hanging wire. It has 10 cut out pieces which I've then added on top. I need a name for this - any suggestions?

This week was meant to be busy getting my work done for the exhibition, but I've had a bad cold and haven't felt up to doing much at all, but the 3 from this series are nearly there and I have another 3 pieces finished.
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Doreen G said...

Lovely work Linda.

Aussie Jo said...

Lovely pieces Linda, those leaves are so iridescent, they glow.
Names for the 2nd piece:(you are usually good at this Doreen!)
Bridge crossing
Intersections of....
Out the plane window!!

Aussie Jo said...

Just thought of another one:
Fragments of time and space

Sandy said...

Nice work. I absolutely love the leaves. I'm never any good at naming things so no help except that is reminds me of doors, windows, and portals.

Susan Ettl said...

Puzzle or Bits and Pieces is what comes to my mind when looking at the unnamed project.

Annette said...

LOve the new works, sorry to hear you not well, hope you recover soon. How about 'cut & pasted'?

The product trial was interesting too, great that you got a free trial. There are some nice results there too.

Jensters said...

Im loving the leaves and wonderful colours...the name for the next piece and i dont know why it came into my head as im not good at naming thing either!!! lol

Squared up

Renee said...

nice work mum! like the new blog colours too :)

Linda said...

Love both these pieces Linda, and enjoy looking at your blog. The leaves are just gorgeous. Now as to a name...........Windows to my Mind...........hummmnnnnnn......I'm not good at stuff like this, but the open pieces make me feel as though you are giving us a glimse at the inner workings of your textiles. Sorry to sound so silly. Happy stitching.