Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More breakdown prints

2 larger pieces after washing out. Detail pics following each one. Both Procion dyes on cotton. I was happy with these but may add more after contemplating for a while.

A couple of answers: Manutex is an alginate thickener for dyes so they can be used for printing.
What do I do with my fabrics? I use some for my bags, bookcovers and other items to sell. Some I'll use for quilts or wall pieces and some, hopefully, will work as art cloth.
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carlseapatch said...

Gorgeous prints Linda.
How do you use the bubble wrap to breakdown print??

Sandy said...

These are nice. I find there is always some use for the fabrics-sometimes takes a while.

Judy Alexander said...

These are great. Always nice to have great fabrics to pick from where an idea strikes!

Carol said...

Hia Linda, can you tell me more about break down printing, or point me to some help? Looks very intruiging, love what you have done.

fabriquefantastique said... sort of colors

Jensters said...

Great work, colours and texture.