Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Quilt progress

Today has been a mixed sort of day... this morning I had a BCC skin cancer removed from my arm - I have a 4 cm cut with stitches.

Then I decided to put my quilt, which I finished stitching yesterday evening, into the cloque bath. This is always a little nerve wracking when you've spent a lot of time assembling and stiching a piece. I've had one spectacular disaster with a large wool piece which was basically destroyed by the caustic - it went hard and brittle. However this time all seems to be well - it's drying on our trampoline at the moment after neutralizing and washing.

The pics show a test piece I did with similar fabrics. The top layer is silk crepe de chine, inside layers open weave cotton and bottom layer silk organza. The silk is horrible to stitch. I used microtex sharp needles and had to change them several times. I used my walking foot first to get it all together then free motion machine stitching using a hoop.
The quilt was 86 x 108cms and after shrinking ended up 66 x 83cms. The next thing is deciding whether it's finished and putting a hanging sleeve on.
I wish now I'd committed to the organized photography session this weekend but I really didn't think I'd get it done on time.

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Emma said...

Hope your arm heals well & it doesn't happen again.

Your quilt is lovely, the layers & colors. Sounds like you've got to be brave for that process!

My squares are my sketchbook, I've never really had one before.I've numbered & dated them on teadyed labels & divided them into bright colors & earthy colors - sometimes a square could fit into either altered book. I find I can be precious about these little treasures of mine (when we aren't allowed to be so about our 'real work')I have a fear of copying, by mistake & when I look at my squares I am inspired, by myself & so far I am amazed at that achievement, as I didn't think I could do it :)

dianehobbit said...

Sorry to hear about your arm!

Lovely work and what an excellent use of the trampoline.

Fran├žoise said...

I hope everything goes well with your arm. Please be careful.
I've never tried the cloque technique. It looks really interesting.

Diana Parkes said...

I love the results from the cloque bath. I have never done this but certainly worthy of a try.

Sandy said...

That is a risk but turned out nicely. I hope your arm is better.

Nia Tilley said...

This technique looks realy interesting, I have never heard of it - another fabulous idea to research and try.
All the best with your arm Linda.

ParisMaddy said...

Best wishes for you and your arm.

Your Blog is fabulous and I love your art.