Monday, February 15, 2010

Dissolvables at Designing Women

At our first DW meeting this year, I did a mini demo on dissolvable fabrics. This little bowl was one of my samples. It’s fabric and thread scraps between 2 layers of vilene 541 stitched and moulded around a candle.

Work 2010 044

After the demos we had a challenge where we all brought a collection of interesting fabric scraps, threads, etc. which were each placed in a brown paper bag and given to someone else. The idea is to use the collection we received with dissolvable to make a finished piece by next meeting. I ended up with a rather mixed bag of colours that were not very compatible – might have to make a couple of pieces.

The pic below is my best effort to show the inside of the bowl – impossible to get all in focus.

Work 2010 054 Work 2010 046

I also did some experimenting with hot water soluble for the demo. The right one is before shrinking – left, after. This technique is described in QA mag issue 13.

Work 2010 047


Scraps of a silk print, dyed, then stitched onto cotton baby muslin. It was then put into a cloque bath to shrink the cotton. The silk doesn’t shrink, so you get a ruching effect seen in the photo below. The piece is about 45cms square so I think it will make a bag.

Work 2010 050


Françoise said...

Interesting samples. I like what you did with the hot water soluble. Great texture!

Odile said...

Your little bowl is really beautifull. I like this colours. The work with silk is interessing.

Sandy said...

The bowl turned out so nicely. The paper bag of scraps will be a challenge.

Jensters said...

Such beautiful it.

fibrefrolics said...

Love your bowl. Its a great technique isn't it. I like the idea of swapping bags of scraps too. Makes it more interesting/challenging.