Saturday, January 02, 2010

Another holiday

We're just back from a week in the Albany/Denmark region. Daughter, Renee, came back from Japan for Christmas and wanted to go down South - so off we went again. We had a great week with her and Kathleen.
Above: Some of the wildflowers we saw on the south coast. I don't know all the names, but top left is Albany woolly bush, bottom left, top is a Banksia, under that is Eucalyptus Ficifolia and bottom right is Banksia Coccinea which I've never seen growing wild before but we saw a big area of them - not many still flowering - I was lucky to get a good pic.

A few of my other pics from the trip that I was happy with - love the watery lines in the goldfish pond above. A complete fluke!

Now no more trips for a while. I'm actually looking forward to doing some textile work and there's a lot coming up.

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Judy said...

Hi Linda,
Happy New Year!
It is so very cold here right now, that seeing your warm weather pics is truly a delight! I'm glad you had a nice time away from home.....that always makes getting back to 'work' more pleasant and exciting!


Doreen G said...

Love the fish photo Linda.
Happy New Year my friend.

Sandy said...

Good photos for inspiration.

Pat said...

Happy new year. Beautiful photos. Unusual....