Monday, July 27, 2009


The Head & Shoulders exhibition has finished so here are 4 of my bags from it. I sold some & the gallery is keeping the rest.
The fabrics are all my own, hand dyed, printed and embroidered. Some are cloqued and a lot of them are heat transfer dyed.

Next Friday and Saturday I'll be at the WA Craft, Quilt & Stitch Show. Friday, I'll be at The Thread Studio stand. Dale has invited a few local textile artists (including me) to do our own work there so people can see what we're doing and have a chat - should be fun.
Saturday, I'm on duty with the Designing Women's display then helping with an Embroiderers' Guild workshop: Stretching the Boundaries of Buttonhole Stitch - very good value at just $5.00 including kit!
It's the WA Embroiderers' Guild's 40th anniversary this year so they have a big exhibtion on at the show.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

New work

Finished today - this is 3.5 metres long so there's no way I could photograph the whole piece. The pic above shows most of it although it's scrunched up at the bottom.
Below: a few detail photos. This is for the WAFTA Naturally exhibition which is on at The Moores Building Fremantle, August 7 - 16. All the work has to be this size, in muted colours and natural fabrics so they should look great all hung in the gallery which was an old warehouse. I hope I'll be able to take some photos of it there.

The fabrics are all various silks and cottons, dyed/printed, most are offcuts and edges saved from previous pieces, which Ive arranged and stitched on soluble vilene 541. Once I was confident they would hold together, the vilene was dissolved, leaving just the fabric and stitching.

I've added a new link to Christine Atkins's new website...she does some fantastic work - hope you'll have a look. Also Sue & Terri of Two Creative Studios are having a great giveaway, all you have to do is register for their newsletter here. They also have free instructions for using soy wax in their latest newsletter.
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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

More with papers

Another piece of silk paper from the W/S. It was manipulated while wet with a satay stick to make holes, then when dry I pushed some hot pink nylon fabric through the holes & stitched around them. Detail below.

While I was in paper mode, I made some with paper towels which had been used to mop up dispersal dye and then used again to heat transfer a design onto fabric. After all that, they still make interesting paper! They are stiff from the PVA glue but can still be printed & stitched.
Above: (right) made from the unravelled threads you get when machine washing dyed fabrics. I have a collection of these, so while I was working with glue I made a grid like fabric with some.

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