Sunday, December 06, 2009

Autumn leaves & Chrysanthamums

My photos don't really do justice to the stunning Autumn leaves we saw in Japan although I took many. We also saw displays of Chrysanthamums everywhere - especially outside the temples. Many of the plants are trained to grow a certain way. The pine tree (bottom right photo) was trained to look like a boat and is all one tree.

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Pat said...

well. for the reader who did not travel with you to Japan....the pics are lovely. and the pine tree is wonderful.

Nicole and Phil said...

wow..,.great photos...looks like the new camera is a good one! :)

If possible, could you please post on my blog comment which program/website you use to get these photo montages....I love the one with the different sizes!

Thanks in advance

Nicole and Phil said...

Thanks for letting me know Linda! I will have to try this one out!!!
Have a great Christmas!