Sunday, October 04, 2009

Is it finished?

Have just done my layer on the last RR fabric (Judi's) I used shiva sticks brushed off the scalloped edge of a plastic doyley with an old toothbrush. The colours are white, yellow ochre & a brown/gold . The aim was to try and pull together the design - I felt the green motifs looked a bit plonked on. I changed my mind a few times on this and I'm happy with it now - BUT - is it finished?

This one definitely isn't finished. I'm building up the surface by over printing the rectangular shapes. The stencil was made by spaying webbing spray onto a silk screen ( from a new book I have by Claire Benn & Lesley Morgan: Screen Printing, Layering textiles with colour,texture & imagery) This is permanent on the screen but as my screen was old & crappy, that wasn't a problem - also I think it's a very versatile texture design which I'll use again.

I've used a torn paper stencil for the shapes. The colours may look slightly off - I think it's the pale pink fabric. Might overdye but may not need to when I've finished printing.

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Judy Alexander said...

I like the way both pieces are going. For the first piece, I think it depends on how you plan to use. Is it a whole cloth background or will you cut it up? Love the colors and I know it would be really hard for me to cut it up :)

neki desu said...

refreshing to see someone else asking the same question:)
i think there ought to be a class on that topic.
lovely fabric nonetheless

Deanna said...

I love the scallops!

Nia Tilley said...

I love the doyley piece, what a great and simple idea Linda. Just beautiful.