Monday, August 10, 2009

Maggie Grey's Workshop

I had a great time at Maggie's workshop on Tuesday. She's an excellent and generous teacher, sharing many of her techniques. It was great to meet her and see some of her work from the books. (I think I have most of them!)
Thanks Doreen for sending me the photo above. From the left: me, Jo-Anne, Maggie Grey, Dale Rollerson & Doreen. It was lovely to meet Doreen in person too as I've known her for about 3 years now through an ATC swap and then our blogs - she's from the other side of Australia as is Jo-anne who I've also met through blogging.
I'll post a photo of my workshop piece when it's finished

Here are the rest of my bags. I'm having a break from bags for a while - been doing some wall pieces lately. Even managed to do a quilt for The OzQuilt exhibition. It's a juried exhibition so I doubt it will be accepted for a few reasons but at least I had a go which is more than I usually manage to do.
Also the WAFTA Naturally exhibition is on this week - I didn't get to the opening as I had to prepare for a dye workshop I was teaching on Saturday but I'll go soon. I've heard good reports about it and will try to get a photo of my piece and the Designing Women group piece.

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Vicki W said...

Your bags are awesome! I especially love the middle one.

Dotti said...

I love the texture and colors of all of them! Great work!

Doreen G said...

I love the Pink and lime green one Linda--but then the others are nice as well.

Aussie Jo said...

Gorgeous bags, I love the red one. You should put them on Etsy, do you have an online shop? I'm sure they would do well.

Sandy said...

Lucky you to get to take the workshop. I love your bags.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

How exciting to take a workshop from Maggie!

I love your bags on this and the last post - your colors are yummy as always!

Veronica Arteira said...

Beautiful! Beautiful!
Great Works!
Veronica Arteira