Wednesday, July 08, 2009

More with papers

Another piece of silk paper from the W/S. It was manipulated while wet with a satay stick to make holes, then when dry I pushed some hot pink nylon fabric through the holes & stitched around them. Detail below.

While I was in paper mode, I made some with paper towels which had been used to mop up dispersal dye and then used again to heat transfer a design onto fabric. After all that, they still make interesting paper! They are stiff from the PVA glue but can still be printed & stitched.
Above: (right) made from the unravelled threads you get when machine washing dyed fabrics. I have a collection of these, so while I was working with glue I made a grid like fabric with some.

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Sandy said...

I never thought to make holes in the silk paper while I was making it. That opens up a whole lot of ideas.

Nia said...

Linda, I love the fabric/paper combination. What a beautiful base for a flower center, garden of flowers .... Fabulous.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Love your colors and amazing texture in the first piece. And your recycling inspiration in the second.