Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Framed Embroideries

Our local school is holding an art exhibition in conjunction with their fair and wanted local artists to submit small works so these are a few I'm putting in.
Does anyone know how to do close up photos of squares? Mine usually turn out distorted. I had included the frames in these photos but had to crop them for that reason. Any tips would be appreciated!

Above: this is Donna's fabric which I received this week as part of the fabric round robin I'm involved in. Susan PM has added some screen printed designs which you can see better if you click on the photo. I like the colours, haven't decided what I'll do yet, some thinking time is needed.
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Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

I really like all of these. Especially love the beads in the center of the blue one - adds another dimension.

Linda - you won the seed bead give away on my blog! Take a peek at the 2nd to the last post.

joanlil said...

Love these little pieces - when is the fair?
I have found that I get better photo results when I prop the piece up rather than look down on it. Talk to you soon.

Sandy said...

Your pieces are great and will sell quickly. Framing makes such a difference.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Sorry it isn't working! My e-mail is:

Judy said...

what a wonderful piece of fabric...and I like the screen that Susan PM added!