Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back to work

A couple of textile pics in between the holiday snaps!
We went to a wedding on Saturday and I didn't have an evening bag so I embellished an old quilted bag I had by free stitching the swirls on the flap, zigzagging over the cord and adding the flower which was made by wrapping metallic yarns around a metal ring then free machining. I used 2 different sized rings, the smaller one was a bangle, so the flower is made in 2 layers.

When I need to get back to making things but am not ready to start on a specific project I often do little pieces like those above. They make use of leftover bits of fabric, yarns etc. I store them in a box with other experimental pieces and samples until I use them for something.

Above: Dunsborough town beach and below, one of the little bays nearby.

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Fran├žoise said...

Lovely pictures of Dunsborough. How far is it from your place?
I like your little practice pieces.

Genie said...

Lovely Practise Pieces and love the bag. have a great week

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

You make it sound so easy! I love your evening bag - the flower is stunning.

And your 'little 'pieces are wonderful, you have an amazing eye for texture.

Sandy said...

The bag certainly worked. The little pieces do come in handy. I always save everything and have found they work as a start for exchange pieces.

Judy said...

I love how you embellished your evening bag! The flower is terrific!


Corryna Janssen said...

The bag is very nice! And I love your little pieces.

imquilternity said...

Your embellishment of the bag is incredibly gorgeous. Wow, I really love it and I like your practice pieces too. What a great idea.

Judy said...

I like the idea of practice pieces. Quick and easy . . . it gives you the freedom to try anything.