Monday, March 30, 2009

Bead Soup

Today my 2 bead soup packs arrived from Beverly in the USA. They look gorgeous and I won them by simply leaving a comment on her blog which is very interesting by the way, especially if you want to learn more about using colour. So thankyou Beverly for your very generous giveaway. I'll have to find some interesting ways to use them.
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back to work

A couple of textile pics in between the holiday snaps!
We went to a wedding on Saturday and I didn't have an evening bag so I embellished an old quilted bag I had by free stitching the swirls on the flap, zigzagging over the cord and adding the flower which was made by wrapping metallic yarns around a metal ring then free machining. I used 2 different sized rings, the smaller one was a bangle, so the flower is made in 2 layers.

When I need to get back to making things but am not ready to start on a specific project I often do little pieces like those above. They make use of leftover bits of fabric, yarns etc. I store them in a box with other experimental pieces and samples until I use them for something.

Above: Dunsborough town beach and below, one of the little bays nearby.

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Busselton Jetty

We had a short break down south last week. Took the caravan and stayed a few days in the Busselton/ Dunsborough area then went down to Augusta for 2 days. We sold our nice new caravan which my DH didn't like towing and bought a smaller second hand one last year. This is the first trip we've done with it and everything worked well.
Above is the foreshore at Busselton. You can see the 143 year old jetty which is nearly 2 kilometres long, the second longest in the world.

Below: partway along as we walked out to the end of the jetty. It has been almost destroyed twice by storms and fire but has been restored, although it is still a work in progress.

At the end they've built an underwater observatory where you can go down the 12 metres to the sea bed and look though windows as you descend (pic below). There were so many fish of different sizes and types and the jetty pylons were covered in colourful coral like growths (shown in the last pic but the colours were brighter) Quite a fascinating experience if you haven't been under the sea before.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sculpture by the Sea 2009

Today we went to Cottesloe to see the annual Sculpture by the Sea. Some stunning work to see, a beautiful day and what a fantastic setting. Apologies for not knowing the artist names, this is only a tiny selection of some of my favourites. The emus above are made of recycled car tyres and the shipping container behind them is part of another piece. Before having a walk around the beach, we had a lovely lunch at the Cottesloe Beach Hotel Cafe.

The door to the beach hut was one of a series, probably one of the few pieces that related to textiles as it was 'stitched'. The figure in the piece below was made from chicken wire, my husband's favourite. I think the exhibition is on for another week and a half, well worth a look.

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Another Bloom

Above is another flower for the school exhibtion which will also go in a box frame. This one is free machined on net & soluble, then cut out and moulded over a small bowl. I've applied some beads in the centre.

Last Saturday I went to a Designing Women meeting where we did a tassel swap. The top one is the one I did that went to Joan, while the one below that I received, was made by Delys. Nice and glitzy, I like the way it's swirly at the bottom. We had a demo by Helen on Mola work or reverse applique which was interesting, some lovely examples to see. Mine is underway but not finished yet.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rare Bloom

Top: 'Rare Bloom' painted, stitched and heat gunned Tyvek, centre part is free machined on soluble vileen which was dissolved, moulded into shape and a heat gunned plastic bag bead added. This is in a box frame but I took it out for the photo. It will be in the school exhibition too.

The above A4 Quilt was shown in a previous post. I received some suggestions for it as I wasn't sure if it was finished. I took the advice given and I think it is better (and now finished)

The bag fabric also featured in an earlier post, but now I've made it up into a bag. I used a few of the flowers shown below, made by free machining on vileen 541, to decorate it. I have a few more bags in progress at the moment.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Framed Embroideries

Our local school is holding an art exhibition in conjunction with their fair and wanted local artists to submit small works so these are a few I'm putting in.
Does anyone know how to do close up photos of squares? Mine usually turn out distorted. I had included the frames in these photos but had to crop them for that reason. Any tips would be appreciated!

Above: this is Donna's fabric which I received this week as part of the fabric round robin I'm involved in. Susan PM has added some screen printed designs which you can see better if you click on the photo. I like the colours, haven't decided what I'll do yet, some thinking time is needed.
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