Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Surprise mail

The postcard was a nice surprise in the mail yesterday. It's from Joan and she also stencilled the leaf design on the paper it was wrapped in. (a process we learned from Jane Dunnewold at Fibres West) Thanks Joan, it's lovely.

I'm still getting things done for my Albany workshops but have spent time this week Christmas shopping - I hate doing it more each year.
Definitely turning into a grumpy old woman I'm afraid. I didn't actually have that much to do as I'd already bought some things but it still took too long and there were too many people and it cost too much.
In my husband's family, which is very large, the person who has Christmas at their house gets to decide the format of present giving. I've decided that next year when it's my turn, we'll all contribute to buy a goat or a well for a third world village!

In case I don't post again before, I'll wish everyone a very happy, safe and peaceful Christmas.
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Friday, December 12, 2008

Covered Journal

This fabric was one of my Procion dye samples done on calico with a sponge brush, a round sponge stamp for the yellow circles, then stamped over with a sea sponge in a darker blue. I bonded it to felt and stitched over the design before making it into a book cover.

I've been busy lately doing workshop samples and generally brushing up on the techniques I'm going to be teaching at the Albany Summer School in January. My workshops are Heat Gun Bead Making, 1 day and Fabulous Fabrics with Dye and Paint, 3 days. Yesterday I had a good day doing bead making, tried some new techniques which turned out well and revisited some old favourites.
In the evening we went to a Christmas breakup for my husband's woodturning group at Liddlow Homestead. He won 4 prizes for his bowls. Haven't got a photo on the computer to post yet. It was a nice night with lots of food and lovely weather. Looks like Summer's here at last, it's meant to be 35 tomorrow. Hope it's not too hot for Christmas.
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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

New work

Front & back of a bag I finished yesterday. It uses some Napthol dyed fabrics I had, some lino printed with Permaset ink. The fabrics were then pieced and quilted with some patches appliqued on. Inside there are 2 pockets, one zipped. The green frill is silk organza.

Below: a scarf I recently made with strips of procion dyed rayon and knitting yarn. The strips were arranged on soluble fabric then a grid was stitched over. The yarn was applied and some of the gaps were filled with free machine stitching then the backing was dissolved. It turned out nice and soft and I like the colours. I didn't like the dyed fabric before so a good result I think.
The last photo is a detail but you can click on the photo for a close up view.

Back to rainy weather here, we haven't had much warm weather yet, just a couple of days of sun then back to rain again. Its better working in my studio when it's cool but procion dyes set better with warmth during batching. I roll them in plastic and put them inside the car if necessary.
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Monday, December 01, 2008

Dye and print work

I've been doing more experimenting with thick and thin Procion dyes. Techniques used here were roller printing, scrunching and rollering, block printing and hand painting. The lighter patterns were done with bleach and I've added some final detail with textile paint. The top
sample has some shiva oil stick rubbings too.

Two Creative Studios has a great giveaway starting Dec 14 - 25. All you need to do is register for their newsletter. There are prizes each day then a grand prize of your choice of one their online classes free. For details follow the link.
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