Friday, October 31, 2008

Playing with print

This was screen printed on white cotton drill with Permaset fabric printing ink. There are a few layers of print here, the dark squares were done with a torn paper stencil and the rest was printed through the fused plastic shown below. I also did some prints over the top by inking the plastic and printing directly from that. The top pic shows the whole thing (40 x 110cms) but the close up below gives a better idea of what it looks like.
I think it might be good for a bag as it's a medium weight fabric, although it's rather bright.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Flour paste screen

I made this screen in Jane's workshop at Fibres West last week but didn't get time to print it until today. You coat the screen with flour paste then scratch your design out with a wooden skewer. It's a great low tech way to get a fine line stencil on the screen. It lasts for one print run but I managed to do quite a lot of prints on various dyed fabrics.

The top pic shows the whole design printed on rayon. The crackle design in the background was also done with flour paste but on the fabric. The method for that has been covered in an article in Feb/March QA magazine.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fibres West

For more pics on our week at Fibres West see Joan's blog and also Shirley's blog. Shirley was one of the tutors, she's a brilliant weaver, trained in Ireland, and her class produced some great work.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm back

I spent last week doing a wonderful & inspiring workshop at Fibres West in Bunbury. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera, but here are some of the pieces I did. The workshop was Jane Dunnewold's 'Complex Cloth' & she is a great teacher. I can't wait to get into my studio to continue the work, but it will have to wait until I'm feeling better. I came down with a cold at the beginning of the week which made me feel miserable as well as losing my voice but I managed to get through the week's work somehow. Really bad timing though! It was quite an intensive week, lots of work and things organized for all the evenings as well. It was great to be able to concentrate solely on textiles & not have to cook or do housework and I met many interesting people. If I've passed my cold onto anyone else, I do apologise.

We started the workshop by dyeing our sample pieces then overdyeing (Procion dyes), we made tools - eraser printing blocks, stencils, flour paste screens - then experimented with various processes, some of which were new to me.
Next we had to put it all into practise by adding layers of images/techniques to our dyed fabrics . Probably the most valuable part was how to decide what to do next in order to create a cohesive piece of 'Complex Cloth'

The top piece has eraser block printing on silk in white & green. The squares have been cut from the fabric edges then bonded on with Misty Fuse. The borders are gold leafed, a fabulously rich looking process which I'd never tried before, but I love it!
Above: Rayon with eraser print using gel bleach on the blue dyed background. Then over printed with blue paint over circle masks. The orange wavy lines were added last. This & the pic below don't look as clear as they should here, not sure why. You can get a better view by clicking on the photo.

Above: cotton with 2 different eraser print blocks done in green and blue paint then silkscreened with the diamond motif.

Above: a few experimental pieces using gel bleach, stencils, monoprinting, gold foil & gold leaf. the middle, dark piece is bleach stencilled and block printed on black velveteen, a yummy result.

Jane has an interesting blog too where she has posted some photos from the week.
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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Kalbarri rocks collage

Last pics from our recent trip.
Today I did a test print with my duct taped screen just to make sure I had the right kind of tape and it worked well. The only disadvantage was that the tape makes the screen more slippery so you have be careful it doesn't move when printing. My DH has been making 2 more screens for me which he finally finished today so then he helped me stretch the silk onto one of them. I'll leave the other one until after Fibres West.
There are still a few things I have to do before I go including buying a new respirator as mine has perished a bit so it doesn't seal properly.
We have a long list of workshop requirements. I also have to give a 5 minute talk on blogging as an artist as part of a panel discussion on creative record keeping.
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