Monday, May 26, 2008

More Garden Photos

I should be working, not blogging but had to take a photo of these while they were at their peak. It's a Grevillea in our front garden, we think Hookerana (spelling?) but may be wrong. Anyway they are lovely.

On Sunday the Catalyst workshop went well I think, they seemed happy with what we did and produced some great samples. Saturday was Innovative Stitches and everyone brought their exhibition pieces. Some beautiful work, which is being hung in the Gallery this week.

Oh well back to work now, got to finish my pieces for "It's About Time".
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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Front cover
Today I finished my journal for the exhibition, hurrah! It was hard to photograph because of the light & dark areas so in places the colour is a bit washed out but you can enlarge the photo by clicking on it. This is the first book I've made and it was a lot of work especially as I did most of it in the last couple of weeks. If I worked that hard all the time I could achieve heaps.
The shells and things are from my junk collection and I've trapped them under fine netting and free machine stitched around to secure. Most of the fabrics in the embroidery are silk and cotton that are hand printed/dyed scrappy bits. The lettering is machine stitched on felt, then heatgunned to burn away the background.

Inside view
There are 16 pages, here's a peep at one set. The left one is one of my few pieces of hand embroidery. It's on bleached procion dyed fabric.
The right page's background fabric is done by monoprinting. You put acrylic paint between 2 pieces of glass press together then pull apart. It gives a coral like pattern. The back cover, below, is done the same way. I've appliqued on various pieces of embroidery, moulded paper and other bits & pieces for the islands.

Back cover
Here, I've applied an offcut from the front cover embroidery to feature on the back.
Now the journal's finished, I've just got to finish my work for the "It's About Time" exhibition at The Old Bakery. I've got another week to do that and I'll be so glad when it's all done. I will need to do a major tidy up though, everything gets in such a mess when I'm working to a deadline.
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Friday, May 16, 2008

Tragedy, Treasure and Trade Exhibition

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Top photo is my main piece for the Innovative stitches Group exhibition. I'm still deciding if it's finished, almost there but maybe just a touch more needed. The design is inspired by fragments of bobbin lace found in the Batavia shipwreck off the WA coast.
The 90 x 130cm cotton fabric was dyed with Napthols, silkscreen and lino block printed with thickened Procion dyes and discharged with Jaquard discharge paste. After that I've applied some shiva oil stick in a few areas through the same stencil I used for the silkscreening.
For the large black lace sections I used a technique from Jane Dunnewold's book Improvisational Screen Printing where you paint your design directly on the screen with acrylic paint. It is permanent but I had an old screen that needs re-silking so that didn't matter and it works great.
As I've mentioned before, brown is not one of my favourite colours to work with but I'm quite happy with the way this turned out.

I've used the same processes to print the silk twill scarf except I've overdyed it with Procion grey which unexpectedly turned out green on the silk. I first thought disaster but after a bit more printing and discharging I now like the colours.

The exhibition runs from Tue 3rd June until Fri 22nd August at the Community Access Gallery in the Fremantle Arts Centre Complex, 1 Finnerty St. Fremantle. It should be worth a visit as there are lots of talented people in the Innovative Stitches Group. Some are brilliant hand stitchers (not me!) and some are more into machine embroidery, felting, mixed media, etc.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Autumn Leaves

The leaves are from our persimmon tree which has just finished fruiting, aren't they gorgeous colours.

No photos of work yet but I'm doing lots for the 2 exhibitions I'm taking part in. I was going to post the poster for one of them but it's an Adobe document and I can't get it to work. I'll post the details later.
Today is quite wet and cool so instead of printing in my studio, I'm working inside on my Batavia journal. Printed Procion dyes need warmth to batch so I'll bring them in near the fire tonight and continue with printing tommorrow.

I'm also teaching a Catalyst workshop on Heat Transfer Dyeing on Sunday 26th May. For details go to the link.
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Friday, May 02, 2008

holiday photos

Margaret River moss
We've just returned from a weeks break at beautiful Margaret River, on the coast about 280 kms south of Perth. It's one of WA's best known wine regions which also has lots of great galleries as well as yummy food to taste.

We took my parents with us because now that my father no longer drives, it's hard for them to have a holiday. Unfortunately, yesterday they got news that their house had been broken into so we came home a day early. Luckily not too much was taken or damage done but it's still a horrible feeling that people have ransacked a home and not a good way to finish what was meant to be a treat. The police have caught 3 young offenders and it looks like they may get some of their things back.

The above photos are taken on the banks of the Blackwood River which is between Margaret River and Augusta. I didn't take many photos because the weather was a bit dull, luckily not too much rain though.
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