Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April bag fabric

Here's my April TIF finished, although I was going to sew on a few wooden buttons, maybe after the bag is made up. The bits that look blue are actually black or dark brown. I think it will be OK for a bag, might have to give it to someone who likes those colours. I think I don't like it as much because it uses mainly commercially printed fabrics which give a different look to hand dyed/printed ones. Anyhow it's done!

A funny thing: after complaining about not liking this month's colours, I'm actually working with them for my Innovative Stitches exhibition pieces, which may be why I'm finding it very difficult to get into a good work mode. I'm doing a dyed and printed length of fabric for my main piece so it will fit in with my goals for this year. I've dyed the fabric, designed the print, carved some lino blocks and made some stencils for silkscreening, so it is underway, but it's taken a long time. It's inspired by fragments of bobbin lace found in the Batavia ship wreck.
I'm not sure if my second piece will happen as I also have to get my journal finished. As well, I'm doing 4 small pieces for another exhibition which is on around the same time.
Oh well, better get off the computer and back to work!
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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

March TIF

Just a day late this month. The first photo shows the front & back sections. The fabrics are all silks on a base of pellon with a layer of dyed flannelet over it. I've placed strips of various silks over the base with the sheer ones last. Then appliqued the flowers on top using vliesofix before stitching. The background is quilted with free motion swirls. Detail pics below.

April TIF
Sharon has posted the colours for April and again they are definitely not colours I like to work with. In fact browns are my least favourite but last night I found this strip quilted piece I did ages ago which has pretty much the right colours. So my challenge will be to embellish it with stitch etc. to try and make it acceptable as a bag fabric. I really don't want to start something new with these colours.
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