Sunday, February 24, 2008

Feb TIF in progress

Above is the first stage of my February TIF piece. I'm making fabric which will be made into bags later when I have some time. I wanted to tackle it differently this month so I decided to use the blues as the background and then apply small squares made up with the gold/brown/beige fabrics. I was intending to space them out in a regular pattern but now I think I'll apply them more randomly, which will give me more options when I come to make the bag and hopefully look more interesting.

Cyber Fyber Swap
My cards from Susan Lenz arrived today. I think they're both great and it's a fabulous project she has organized.

I'm teaching a workshop on Heat Transfer dyeing this week so have been preparing for that today and I've also been doing some more breakdown printing, the fabrics are curing at the moment. It's hot again this week so I won't be spending as much time in the studio.
By the way Fibre & Stitch Mag, Issue 3 is now out with my article on Shibori techniques with heat transfer dyes (as well as lots of other great articles) It looks like a very good issue.
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Monday, February 18, 2008

Printing & Dyeing

Another Breakdown Print
Above: a detail of my last breakdown print. The whole piece is shown below. I've used bubble wrap impressed onto the dye coated screen. The dye was quite thick and didn't breakdown as quickly with printing but I quite like how this fabric turned out, the print placement is better and it should make an interesting ground for further printing.

Dyed silk and cotton
Its been a little cooler this week so I've managed to get some dyeing done. The fabrics below are for my contemporary quilt for which I'm going to be use the cloque process. The conditions state that it has to have at least 2 complete layers of fabric stitched throughout. The left fabric (a commercially printed silk organza which I've overdyed) is for the underside. the 2 middle fabrics (dyed muslin) will be 2 inner layers which will shrink in the cloque process and won't be seen. I dye them because a white fabric would show through the organza.
The right fabric is silk crepe de chine which I've dyed, printed and discharged in some areas and this one will be the front of the quilt.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Swap & Cloque

ATC and Postcard
These have been sent to Susan Lenz (USA) for her Cyber Fyber project. She still wants people to be involved, find out how here. I'll post of photo of her cards when I receive them.

I've been doing some cloque. Above: silk painted with Napthol dyes then free machine stitched and put in the cloque bath. It's only a small piece. Below: polyester, heat transfer dyed, stitched and cloqued. This piece started out as a sample to test some old dyes and will probably end up as a bag.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Latest things

Block Print
This a the test print from a printing block I cut from a plastic eraser. Very easy to cut and nice to print with. I'll use the blue fabric in my TIF challenge piece.

Fabrics made from scraps
This fabric was made by stitching down scraps of various light coloured polyester fabrics onto a felt base using a zigzag stitch with feed dogs down. Then I coloured it with heat transfer dyes ironed on from painted paper. I've used white polyester embroidery thread for the stiching as that also takes the dye beautifully. A good way to make scraps into something usable.

The left piece is done the same way but using more attractive fabrics and overlaying some bits of organza too so it doesn't need any more colouring. They could both be used for backgrounds or cut into shapes and appliqued onto something else.
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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Embroidered Panel
I did this yesterday to use some leftovers from the January TIF with the addition of some turquoise/blue fabrics. It has a felt base and is mostly free embroidered except for the motifs done on my embroidery machine & some satin stitch. Hope the colour is OK as I still can't see red on my monitor.
Lovely rain today and it's much cooler but not for long apparently.
Corryna asked how I did the swirls: the 2 neat ones are done on my embroidery machine from a digitised design (not mine) using a variegated thread then cut out and appliqued on. The other ones are done freehand.
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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

February TIF Challenge stuff
I've looked through all of my boxes and bags of stuff and this is what I found in the colours for this month. Browns I really don't use much so didn't have a lot, some left over bits of rusted fabrics and other scraps. A bit more in the way of blues, although they are grey blues and I tend to use brighter colours. By the way I have no idea if these colours look as they should because my computer seems to have lost red!
I've had to re-think my TIF projects (a bag a month) because I'm just too busy at the moment to do all of the finishing off. So I've decided to go with Doreen's brilliant suggestion of creating a piece of fabric each month and making up the bags as I get time. That means, for now, my Jan piece is finished.
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Friday, February 01, 2008

This piece is cotton, 60 x 56cms. The background is monoprinted twice with thickened procion dye, then blockprinted. The red and gold squares were stencilled on with textile paint. I have a few other printed peices on the go but not ready to be photographed yet.

My TIF bag is now overdue, I've done a bit more to it but hope to finish it soon. The Feb challenge is posted on Sharon B's blog. I'm choosing to work with the colours again. I knew I'd have trouble getting this done on time, maybe need to rethink the projects. I had no trouble doing the bag fabric but the finishing off is a pain!

My other project is finished, just have to write up the process and put it and the photos on a CD to be sent with the work. Can't post any pics yet. Then the next thing is Stitched & Bound, a juried contemporary quilt exhibition. I need to finish my entry by mid March if I want to have it professionally photographed. I know what I want to do for this but haven't started yet.
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